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Les Paul w/JB pickup

2/18/2000 4:05 PM
Tim C.
Les Paul w/JB pickup
I bought a Les Paul Custom that someone put a Seymour Duncan JB pick up in the bridge position. The original pick up is in the case. The guitar has small stickers on each pick up ring that say pat.appl for.. Would I gain much by putting the original pick up back in? The JB doesn't sound bad at all, I guess I was wondereing if any one had experience with the two pick ups and could share the tonal difference in the two.  
Thanks much,  
Tim C.
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2/18/2000 5:21 PM

Depends on the year of your LP Custom, as the pickups vary somewhat. I've only tried this with a Standard of about 10 years old. The JB has a load more bite, midrange punch and output. However, the standard pickups are somehow a bit more subtle in tone. Personally I'd stick with the JB, but you've really got to try it for yourself. Tone is a very personal thing...
2/20/2000 4:57 AM
Joe Movich

I have an old ES-345 (late 1960) that had the bridge pickup replaced with a Duncan JB when I acquired it. The neck pickup is original (a PAF). I can't tell you how the original bridge pickup would compare to the JB, but the JB is a great match with the neck PU on this guitar. The JB very closely matches the neck pickup in output level and sounds great by itself and in combination with the neck pickup.
2/21/2000 12:08 AM
Kursad K
It will just take a few minutes to replace a pickup if you can do soldering. Try it!
2/21/2000 2:26 AM
Tim C.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  
What I am attempting to do is get that "Duane Allman" thing going on and I am not certain I am getting that sound with the JB. It seems fairly dark but as I said in my earlier post,it is a very nice sounding pickup.  
I was hoping to get some feedback as to what to expect with the original 1986 paf reissue that the previous owner took out before tearing into the guitar. The previous owner also took the gold cover off the original pickup and put it on the JB as well as the gold screws.  
Just trying to save bench time by asking in advance.  
Thanks again,Tim C.
2/22/2000 12:10 AM
Kursad K
Somewhere in the web (sorry I dont remember where) I had read that high output pickups do not work well with les pauls. Maybe because the guitar already has a lot of midrange.
2/22/2000 1:45 AM
Tim C.
Kursad/You could be right
This Les Paul seems to be quite heavy and that could make a difference. More weight could equate to more mids thus a darker sound. I might try a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. The brochure states that it has more top end and a little less output.  
Tim C.

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