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Optimum load impedance for PU's

2/15/2000 4:31 PM
M. Helin
Optimum load impedance for PU's
I went to extreme 2.2 Mohm pots when I changed two PU's in my Tele (/w Stratocaster pickup assembly - looks strange). This works OK for solid state amps (including POD), but with tube amp (Blues Jr) there's more noise than before. That made me considering what is the optimum value for pots used inside guitar. If a SC PU has impedance of about 6k, so usual recommendation (at least for other audio gear than magnetic PU's) is at least 10 times or 60k. That is obviously too low as when you connect it to amp the input impedance of amp in parallel with pot almost halves that to 30k - 50k (even with 1Mohm input impedance). I've seen 250k used many times with SC's, 500k being standard for HB's. Could you go as low as 100k without affecting the tone? Has anybody tried that low impedance pots with single coils? Practically that could be done by connecting a parallel resistor with the PU output/pot "input". Maybe a pot, like with standard SC Stratocaster PU system the other tone pot is almost useless. Had to try that.  
- Mikko  

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