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Re: Bought a MIJ Strat today

11/11/1999 10:27 PM
Re: Bought a MIJ Strat today
Please excuse my seemingly off the wall response. My eyesight must be going. For some reason, I thought you were talking about the new reissues MIM (made in mexico). That's what I was talking about wrt/ colors. You're actually talking about MIJ (made in japan) reissues.  
11/12/1999 1:59 PM

Thanks for wishing me luck with the guitar! This one reads: "Crafted in Japan" and I bought it brand new.  
Last summer I toured in the USA and played several strats and found a lot of those sounding better than my US Standards. For some reason there was a lack of "quack" in the tone. I also always hated the thin shape of the modern strats. Maybe the difference in tone has to do with the size of the neck. The neck on my MIJ is more chunky than the US Standards.  
Anyway, I just love this guitar and concerning the bridge, I always set up strats with the bridge flat to the body. Don't use no whammy.  
Have a nice day,  
11/12/1999 5:25 PM
JD Sleep

Interesting that you should mention the "chunky" neck. I have 2 SGs, one early 70s with a very sleek "thin-line" neck. The other early 80s with a big "chunky" neck. Both guitars are solid mahagony and both guitars have Dimarzio Pro PAF pickups. The chunky neck SG absolutely blows the thin-line SG away. I'm convinced that fat necks have a lot to do with fat tone. I'm sure that's what made the Les Paul such a hot guitar during the 60s and 70s.  
11/12/1999 8:37 PM
Ted Matsumura

Kendrick also makes a les paul type guitar with a very fat neck for tone, and the Carvin Holdsworth model has a very fat neck. Interesting to note that the PRS McCarty comes only in wide/fat neck. I think Dicky Betts uses an MIJ strat now instead of a McCarty, but no idea if it's neck related or what.
11/12/1999 12:42 AM

I found one of these a couple years ago in a pawn shop for $200. It's a 60's reissue, RW board, and a candy apple red finish. It still had plastic on the pickguard... virtually new condition... no scratches.  
I snatched it up and dropped in a set of Fender 57-62 reissue pickups, gave it a good setup and it plays and sounds great.  
My main guitar is a for real '65 sunburst so I think I have a pretty good reference point for tone and playability.  
I mainly got it so I didn't have to drag my precious '65 out as much anymore but it's actully turned out to be a guitar that I pick up almost as often as the '65.  
12/30/1999 9:25 PM

I also have a MIJ 60's reissue. And, like most of you, I replaced the pickups. It now has the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom humbucker in the bridge and SSL-1's in the middle and neck. I also installed three push-pull pots and a new 5-way switch to replace the crap that was in there. The volume pot pulls to engage the bridge and neck at the same time. A sort of "Telecaster Switch" if you will. And, if you move the 5-way to the bridge/middle position, you get all three. Very cool. The first tone control is a coil tap for the Custom Custom. Now you can do all of the "Telecaster Switch" stuff with a single-coil sound as well.  
Finally, the second tone control pulls to reverse the phase of the middle pickup. This is where it gets hairy. All in all, the guitar does fifteen different sounds! I know it is a bit excessive, but hey!? What else are you gonna do?  
As far as playing the guitar, it just slams. I've had vintage strats, new US ones, and even a custom shop model and I still go back to this guitar. I can't say enough cool stuff about it.  
If anyone has one they want rid of, let me know.  
Thanks for reading,  

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