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Re: JV Series Strat ID

9/5/1999 8:40 PM
Doug B
Re: JV Series Strat ID
Yes, the guitar is light, and I do have the original PU's. I want to keep them in case I ever sell/trade the guitar.  
Thanks for your help! If I ever do decide to sell the PU's by themselves I have your e-mail address. I'll let you know.  
BTW, are you in Britain or the States??
9/5/1999 11:42 PM

I'm in Britain. Which is cool for some things, but a bit pricey for interesting guitars!  
9/9/1999 1:26 PM

Doug & Mike:  
I'm curious about the split post tuners that are on your guitars. (I'm in the US, by the way.)  
I have three of those big head Squier strats. Two of them are complete stock guitars fitting the description Mike gave of his, except they have SQ serial numbers on the 3-bolt neckplate and solid post cast housing tuners with screw mounted detachable knobs and solid, cross-drilled string posts, hex head threaded bushings. The third one I got for a project. The body had already been routed for a Floyd Rose, and the neck mounting was converted to a generic 4-bolt, so I don't have any idea what the serial number is. The date penciled on the heel is 10-4-83. The interesting part of this one is that the tuners are exactly the same as any other cast Gotoh on a Squier, but the string posts are slotted. This is actually the only set of tuners I've seen built this way. I like them a lot. They just don't look like the slotted post "F" tuners that came on the big head US strats.  
Vintage Kluson type tuners (and Schaller "F" type tuners)use round rim press-in bushings that are not attached to the housing by threads. Knobs are permanently molded to their shafts and not removeable. They all have split safety posts, which is the only feature I like on those.  
Do the tuners on either of your JV Squiers match the vintage tuner description, or are they sealed cast housing machines with a circular back plate ("Fender Japan"), screw mount knobs and hex threaded bushings, that happen to have slotted string posts?  
I've always wondered why the tuners available today have solid posts with a superior sealed, greased gearcase, but if you want the neat split safety posts you have to put up with non-adjustable, cool-looking, but inferior quality, vintage type gearing that wears out and is non-repairable. Why don't they just offer Schallers, Gotohs, etc. with sealed and lubricated gearing and split safety posts for superior performance all the way 'round?  
Sorry for the rambling, but doesn't anyone else wonder why an idea so simple isn't implemented by any of the so called marketing geniuses of our day? Locking posts are useful for a quick string change on stage, but otherwise unneccessary. The split posts hold the string securely, there's no sharp end to snag you or your gig bag. An added luxury I've found is that good strings can be repeatedly removed from their slotted pegs like a "coil spring" and easily remounted again after performing some pickup/wiring related repair, etc. Why waste a set of good strings?  
9/9/1999 1:38 PM
Gus string posts
My JJ ASAT has split posts and sealed gears and cast housings they look like schallers.
9/9/1999 2:14 PM

Now that's interesting. I wonder if G&L has a patent on this type, making them unavailable as general replacements through the normal parts houses.  
JJ- that's a John Jorgenson model G&L w/tele body style.  
9/10/1999 12:17 PM

Doug's guitar sounds like the same as my Squiers. Vintage type kluson, sealed, push fit not screw on bushings, and pegs permanently attached to the shaft. I admit they're not the world's greatest, but I too like the split shaft, and one of the guitars I play the most is on it's second set of tuners after 17 years in my possesion and probably a few hundred gigs. I compare that with my Les Paul which has Gibson Kluson type tuners, which I have to change some of every year. When my bag of spares runs out I'll have to get something better for that one!  
I always have the problem that I like the look of original type tuners on Fenders and Gibsons, so I can never bring myself to change them.  
9/12/1999 11:54 PM
Doug Re: JV Series Strat ID
The pegheads on my JV are exactly like the old Kluson but without the Kluson name stamped in the middle.

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