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JV Series Strat ID

9/3/1999 11:06 AM
Doug B JV Series Strat ID
My JV Series MIJ Strat, a '54 reissue series I believe, has a maple neck with Squire in gold with thin black outline and "Made in Japan" in small print underneath. Stratocaster is in black block letters with a small black "Fender" logo underneath. Can anyone tell me if this is an original JV series neck?
9/3/1999 2:36 PM

All of the MIJ Squier strats I've encountered (that's with the main name as Squier, not Fender) were not designated as actual "vintage reissues". The big headstock '70s versions from the early '80s all had serial numbers on the chrome neckplate starting with SQ..., and the ones that look like '50s (maple neck, single ply pickguard) or '60s (rosewood fb, tri-lam pickguard) had plain neckplates with a black plastic "basswood crush prevention shim" underneath. I think the early RI guitars, that were made in japan, had Fender on the headstock, not Squier.  
Does your guitar have cast sealed Gotoh tuning machines?  
I have a nice '50s-looking Squier strat that is like EC's Blackie. It has a super maple neck, black body, and single ply white pickguard. It has cast Gotoh brand tuners, not vintage Kluson type, and it says "Squier Stratocaster", with by Fender, and tiny Made in Japan beneath. It's a Squier, and does not have a "JV.." serial number.  
I also have a MIJ '50s-looking strat, that was made around 1989, which says Fender (in the mexican standard-type silver script outlined in black) with a tiny Made in Japan and serial number underneath. It looks just like the late '90s RIs that were made in japan, but has cast tuners with hex peg bushings instead of the vintage safety post type as on the most current models.  
I suspect you have a guitar similar to my "blackie". These guitars are built well, have great playing necks, and after upgrading the electronics, are absolutely great playing instruments. I try not to get upset about the headstock decal with the name of some old string company on it. Now if it was spelled "Squire", I may feel honored because it is referring to an english country gentleman or trusted servant to a knight. (..wonder if Hank Marvin noticed the spelling?)
9/3/1999 10:23 PM
Doug B
No. This strat has the vintage Kluson type tuners with the split post. The serial on the neck plate reads JV25784, and the date in pencil on the end of the neck (if I remember right) is 1982 or 1984.
9/5/1999 9:09 PM

Actually I've got a 70's big headstock MIJ Squier with a 3 bolt neck plate that has a JV70979 serial number. The plate also says "Fender Japan", as do the split post tuning keys. Black (basswood) body, all black plastic (3 ply guard), maple neck, and also a great guitar! Never looked at the date penciled on the neck, but I'm fairly certain the plate is original.  
9/3/1999 4:01 PM

What you have sounds like the second series of MIJ Squier '57 re-issue Strats. The first series were only made for a short time, and had a big fender logo and a little Squier logo. The neck will be dated in the body join, probably '82-85. If you've got the rest of the guitar you're a lucky man. They are the best MIJ Strats you can get (IMHO of course). The serial number should have a JV prefix and will be stamped on the neck plate. If you let me know the serial no. I can guess the year for you. I think this info may be available in the little Fender book.  
Where are you from? As far as I can work out these guitars were never available in the US. The first ones sold there were the generic 50's and 60's reissues, rather than '57 and '62, which would have been later in the '80s. I've got 2, the first of which I got brand new in '82. They're getting pretty sought after now.  
9/3/1999 10:33 PM
Doug B
Im from Ottawa Canada. The serial number stamped into the neck plate is JV25784, and there is a date on the neck marked in pencil. I just don't remember what it is now. 1982 or 84 I think.  
I really like this guitar! It's a player and stays in tune. The pick guard is single ply and it has a three way switch that I changed for a 5 way (kept the original). I also installed Lindy Fralins and man does the thing sing.  
If you could date it for me I would appreciate it. One more thing, were the electronics on these guitars MIJ or USA? The pots arn't CTS, but arn't the crappy small ones either. Would replacing the pots give me a better tone? What do you think?
9/5/1999 10:51 AM

I'd say it's an early '82 model. These are all real players. The later models weren't necessarily so cool (most were pretty good). The split post kluson copies are correct for the guitar. Is your one really light? I've got JV 31893 and it weighs next to nothing. It's also pretty wild tonally. I've got the original pots on both my Squiers from this era. They seem to work fine, so I left them be. When I got the guitar new it had a sticker saying p/ups made in the USA on the scratchplate, and I'd guess the 3-way was also, but I never really considered the pots.  
Have you still got the original p/ups? Do you want to sell them?  
Let me know  
(If you want a better tone, consider fitting a TBX tone pot)

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