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string spacing...

8/21/1999 8:47 PM
nic string spacing...
Will I run into a problem with string spacing if I get a normal Gibson humbucker to be used with a stew-mac bridge for tele w/ a string spread of 2-1/8"? I don't know the humbucker's spacing specs, hence the long winded question!  
8/22/1999 7:44 PM
Steve A.

    So with the Stew-Mac bridge the hb would be mounted at right angles to the strings? If that is the case then it looks like 2 1/8" should work just fine...  
Steve Ahola
8/23/1999 8:50 PM

Originally, Gibson pickups had a spacing of 1-15/16". Starting in the '80s, bridge pickups were made with wider 2-1/16" spacing, except for the new '57 classic, which kept the old spacing.  
In general, humbuckers have a broader, less focused magnetic field than the typical single coil with cylindrical magnets. If you look at some Les Pauls, you'll note that all the strings don't fall directly over their respective pole screws.

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