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Hammond 7591 Tubes

8/13/1999 5:05 PM
Harold H
Hammond 7591 Tubes
I just had a new neighbor move next to me who works on Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. He just gave me 2 Hammond 7591 tubes for my Gibson amp (I think I like this guy already). Does anyone know who makes/made the Hammond tubes?
8/17/1999 3:47 PM

It may be possible to tell by how the tubes are marked. Where does the 7591 number appear, on the side of the bottle or on top? What type of lettering is used? Are they plain block letters, or are they stenciled in a dot pattern?  
Different US manufacturers had characteristic marking methods. This tube wasn't made by more than a few mfrs, anyway. I think Westinghouse developed it, then a few others built them later, GE being the most recent.
8/20/1999 2:19 PM

The 6V6's I yanked from my HAMMOND ORGAN were RCA "BLACK-PLATES"...(they were labeled w / "HAMMOND" on the black-base)...Frank.
8/20/1999 6:44 PM

The tube type was on the end of the glass bottle in an octagon, right?
8/25/1999 12:43 PM

no, the tube-type is on side of is solid "chrome" (flash-catcher?)...

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