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DIY Thin line TELE help!

8/9/1999 3:25 AM
nic DIY Thin line TELE help!
Hey, I am considering, among literally 100 other things to blow my money on, building my own tele outta Stew-Mac parts...  
I have a few questions for the ampage before I run with it. I really want a guitar with a fatter sound and not as  
sloshy with distortion as my strat.  
The reason I want a thinline is cause A.> The F-hole looks cool B.>I tried an Epi Casino with P-90 and liked it.  
The reason for a tele body is the fact that I have a tele right now with a humbucker in the neck. It is my main guitar.  
Now this leads me to another problem. Which Pick up? I use my current tele in the neck position mainly. In my DIY I would like P-90's to stay near my single coil experience AND they look cool! But I am thinking that if I stick some humbuckers in there the guitar will have drastically different sounds than from my current instruments. Thus leading to a unique and useful instrument. Which would you guys go for, P-90? or Humbucker? Why?  
8/10/1999 2:27 PM
Mike Burgundy
Stew-Mac have great parts, thisīll be some guitar...  
As far as pickups are concerned; Generally Humbuckers are fat and smooth (sometimes dark and muffled) single coils are bright and twangy, and P90īs are somewhat inbetween with an aggressive egde, and great for a raunchy blues sound.  
Your main guitar has a humbucker, so the sound might not change all that much when you use HBīs in the new one. On the other hand, humbuckers donīt all sound alike...  
Iīd go for the p90īs, because you donīt have a guitar carrying those. But thatīs just my opinion.
8/10/1999 2:58 PM
The P-90 won't be too thin like my strat is? Or my tele bridge? I have never had a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge so I am a bit interested in that. If I chose to go with P-90's would I run into a problem with the hollow wing sections? I don't know the size of them.  
I appreciate this BBS's help. Those ones at Deja are full of guys who refuse to share info! (some of you hang out in the woodworks I have noticed;).
8/10/1999 5:22 PM
I just threw together a tele (old stew mac body), old Ibanez maple neck and get this!! Three mini-humbuckers. The bridge and neck p/u's are seymors and the mid one is a old gibson from a lp deluxe. More mids and bass and still a bit twangy(I normally play strats and tele's) cool tones and no noise.  
Don't know about the thin lines and how far the hollow chambers extend so you colud do any routing for bigger p/u's?? Good luck..
8/10/1999 8:20 PM

You could get the body routed for a Humbucker, and then get one of those new humbucker sized p-90's. I've heard mixed reviews on the Gibson model(p-94 i believe), but I've heard very nice things about the rio-grande version. This way you could try the p-90 sound without extra routing, and then slap in the 'bucker from your other tele, and see what you like better. My bet is you'll like the p-90 if you're into a rawer, bluesier tone. I have a set of the Duncan p-90's in my Hamer special, and they're exactly what I've been looking for. Nice thick, full sound, very open and alive. Good luck!  
8/11/1999 2:45 PM
My current tele's humbucker is one of those '72 model types of course it is a reissue. Are fender humbuckers a bit bigger than normal humbuckers?  
8/11/1999 3:07 PM

I'm not sure about the fender humbucker's, but I believe they are the same size as standard gibson-style 'buckers, but are constructed a little bit differently, something about adjustable pole pieces on both coils. From what someone posted here about a re-issue tele thinline from a few months ago, the re-issue humbuckers aren't made like the older ones, and pretty much normal humbuckers, if I remember the post correctly. If you want to measure your humbucker, you might be able to find dimensions for a "normal" humbucker on the Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio web sites.  

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