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Strat Pickup Wiring Question

8/3/1999 3:36 PM
Strat Pickup Wiring Question
I use Stratocaster  
I never use Middle pickup alone  
So I want to wiring Front + Bridge in Middle Position  
Anyone have this wiring schem?  
8/4/1999 4:10 AM
Steve A.

    With the new "megaswitches" available these days (4 poles/5 discrete positions) practically anything is possible (like you could have one tone control hooked up to certain positions and the other tone control hooked up to others). I don't have time to draw up something right now but it should be "doable" if that is what you want.  
    An alternative would be using a blend pot to mix in the bridge signal with any combination selected by the 5-way switch. (Dave Harris drew up a wiring diagram that I posted to my site for that mod.)  
Steve Ahola
8/4/1999 12:49 PM

Did you mean that you don't care to use the middle pickup at all (Ritchie Blackmore style)? Or did you mean you'd like all three pickups on simultaneously in the middle switch position?  
To select between "bridge only", "bridge + neck", and "neck only" (leaving the middle pickup out of the wiring), just substitite a standard 3-way selector switch and wire it like a stock telecaster.
8/4/1999 3:18 PM

Thanks Doc...  
I mean I don't want use Middle Only  
of course I like to use half tone  
I Just want Front + Bridge on middle position  
How can I do  
8/4/1999 4:09 PM

You'll need one of those 4-pole switches.  
Each contact/position needs to be deliberately wired on this type of switch. Wire one pole (wafer) to connect individual pickups neck, and bridge, at the 1 & 5 positions. For the 2&4 in-between positions, you jump over to the next wafer where the middle pickup wires are located. The third wafer (pole) can be used to configure the bridge+neck parallel sound in position 3 (you can add another toggle or pull switch to go from parallel to series wiring), and the fourth wafer is used to connect tone controls in whatever fashion you prefer.  
Seems like a fairly simple wiring scheme.
8/5/1999 3:31 AM
Mark Hammer
Although a welcome and elegant solution to the "problem" of obtaining Tele tone on a 3-pickup guitar with a 5-way switch, the wiring scheme for the "megaswitches" is unnecessarily complicated, especially for the beginner.  
The easiest thing to do is to get a replacement switching pot with a push-pull switch, and run the lead from the middle pickup to that switch before it goes to its usual position on the 5-way switch. Now you'll be able to get the standard 5 combinations plus a front+bridge combination when the switch is pulled out (or pushed in, depending on how you wire it). Alternatively, if you don't really obsess about resale and "vintage" value, you can stick in a SPST toggle switch in a decent location, or route out a little bit and stick a slide switch in above the middle pickup (as on the Fender Mustang). Your choice. If you go with the switching pot, you should probably use it as a substitute for one of the Tone pots.
8/7/1999 7:47 PM
Steve A.

    Can you spell out the details of that switch in greater detail? I guess I must be missing something because it seems to me that you would have no output from the middle position of the selector switch if the added switch in line with the middle pickup lead was open...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I agree with you completely about putting the p-p pot in one of the tone positions! I always like to put them on the volume pot where they are readily accessible, but everytime I flick them up or down I have to diddle with the volume settings (since they seem to rotate a bit- or a lot!). But right now I'm already using a p-p pot for the middle control, too, and a TBX control on the bottom...  
    The place I like to add a mini-toggle switch would be roughly equidistant from the two mounting screws on the selector switch and the two upper pot holes (like half way between the two upper pots and about 1 inch from the slot for the selector switch shaft). It seems to look good there and doesn't get in the way that much...

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