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sorta off topic

11/8/1999 9:50 PM
sorta off topic
Ted what part of japan did you live? I lived on the outskirts of Tokyo from 90-95 then I move north near Aomori in '95-97.  
I picked up a MIJ strat (45,000 yen new)and MIJ tele (20,000 yen used) custom. They are very nice guitars. I can't understand why some people look down thier noses at MIJ Fenders... I wouldn't sell mine for less than $600 a piece.  
11/9/1999 1:40 AM
Ted Matsumura

I lived in Meguro (Tokyo), and went through Shibuya (1/2 dozen good guitar shops) every day to work, and on weekends checked out other areas. I think a lot of folks associate the MIJ guitars with the Squire series, not realizing there was/is a high end Fender Japan line. Anyways, the quality certainly came to Fender US's attention and is pretty well documented.
11/9/1999 6:50 AM
Jimmy Dula
Re: Japanese Srat question
Ted-I own a beautiful Japanese Strat-'62 reissue, I believe-it was a wedding gift from my wife, who, in 1993, bought it to replace a '64 musicmaster that was stolen from me. The color is sea-foam mist (green/blue) and the tone is wonderful! Do you have any more info? The serial #is 1020729. BTW, I took it to a highly-respected local luthier for a tune-up recently, and it turned out that he had bought about a dozen each of the Japanese Teles and Strats-said they were by far the best Fender guitar made throughout the '90's! And no, he's not selling, YET!
11/9/1999 6:16 PM
Ted Matsumura

I'm not sure about '93, but in '96 they had two '62 re-issues, one was the ST62-53 (Y 53,000 list) came in 4 colors, basswood body, maple oval neck 324 scale, roswood board 184R 21 frets, 3 ST-Vintage pickups, and a diecast block s5d vintage bridge.  
The higher end 62 re-issue in '96's offering was of their "Craft Premium" line (some folks at Fender think these were better than Fender's custom shop line) retail (Y 80,000), same as above but alder body, Steel block S8F vintage bridge, US Texas Special pickups, and only one color 3TS (SRV type brown).  
Hope this helps, sorry I don't have a Fender Japan '93 catalog.  
11/9/1999 6:51 AM
Re: sorta off topic
I just played today in a shop a new 15w Gibson amp, and a California strat. I have played at the shops quite a few of the actual made strats: SRV signature, Eric Clapton's, American Standard...  
I would never not even compare any of the above mentioned to my MIJ strat from '86. I said: not even compare.  
(just an opinion, though)  
11/9/1999 6:19 PM
Ted Matsumura

One thing though, I have never seen an MIJ strat that had the V neck as beefy as the EC sig strat. Do they exist?
11/10/1999 5:41 PM

I've got an MIJ '52 Tele that had an AMAZINGLY beefy V neck. I actually found it quite uncomfortable to play, so I got a luthier to shave it for me. As far as Strats go, the V never seems to be nearly as deep.

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