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Re: Japanese Strat question

8/5/1999 5:48 PM
Re: Japanese Strat question
The basswood body is a great idea, I think. I prefer alder in a lot of ways, but basswood bodied strats seem to have a really bright but not shrill sound; I can't seem to make 'em get as shrill as some other strats will by accident. They're as nice and warm as southern ash while having a full tone like alder... Won't replace either wood, really, but a nice sounding wood. And at my (advanced?) age, a light-bodied strat is a nice thing. Poplar, OTOH, I think sucks. With something like a Randy Rhoads type Jackson, where the body is so tiny and the pickups so hot, it hardly matters, but in a larger bodied guitar I think poplar is just a cheap wood. Basswood isn't expensive, but sounds good. It doesn't look that pretty though, which is why the basswood-bodies sunburst strats are done so you cannot see the wood grain. BTW, back-routed basswood guitars don't sound as bright as a strat, I've noticed.  

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