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IMPACT amps? Look what I've got! (Not much)

9/18/2000 6:11 PM
IMPACT amps? Look what I've got! (Not much)
Hi out there!  
I've asked before if anyone knew anything about these amps, but had no answers.  
It's English amps made around 1970.  
Now I've put out on my website all I've got so far about them.  
(The rest of the site is only in Swedish)  
I would be happy for some feedback if there's someone who has any expiriences from IMPACT!  
I just think it's funny with a nice amp that "no one" ever heard about!  
Thanks. "Edgar"  
Marvellous site, this one!
9/19/2000 11:01 PM
Thes amps are 2nd division amps (but largely underrated) in the UK. They can be picked up very cheaply £50 - £150 but are great value for money. Strong point is that they have Partridge transformers (as in Hiwatt) and are very similar circuit wise to Sound City amps. The one I have is a 120 watt, 6xEL34 beast and has the same circuit as the equivelent Sound City amp. This has a very novel tone circuit (see diagram in Pittmans book) but I found it a bit shrill and lacked guts before I modified the very front end circuit to be more like a Marshall. Now it really puts out with great depth. The build quality is generally good (all point to point) but I suspect their achillies tendon is looks and the complex tone circuit - this tends to get noisy and needs very clean pots if you want to avoid lots of 'snap crackle and pop'. I believe the designer of these amps was somehow connected with Sound City and Hiwatt but I can't remember the full tale.
9/21/2000 4:33 AM

Thanks for the input!  
I didn't know of the 120W model! Du You know what year it was made? Do You have any pictures of it? I would be pleased to have some!  
I thought I might put out all facts I get about Impact on my webpage, so please everyone, send me anything You have about Impact!  
10/11/2000 5:53 AM

I have two Impact amps, one just like yours and one like pictured on the valveamps site. These amps were not very good sounding, but the transformers are very good for making something different. Impact amps can be found at VERY low prices at least here in finland(400 FIM or about 60$ for both). I have kept the 2 channel one original, and I built a AC-50 clone from the other.
10/15/2000 8:39 PM

Thanks för the input, SL!  
What are the problems with the sound, according to your expiriences?  
I haven't tested mine real good yet, but I think it starts to distort in the PI-stage all too soon. It has some type of cathodyne PI-stage, and it looks like the input of that 12AX7 gets overdriven for almost nothing.  

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