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Price for Bandmaster Reverb Head

7/20/2000 2:43 AM
Price for Bandmaster Reverb Head
What should I expect to pay for a SF Pre-75 Band Master Reverb head in ok cond. Thanx
7/20/2000 3:55 PM

One of the most undervalued amps out there. I've seen them regularly for $200 to $250. Certainly anything under $350 I would consider a fair price.
7/20/2000 5:03 PM

I've seen them running from $ 200 to $350 as well, and this has been in both Texas and NY/NJ areas.
7/23/2000 4:00 AM
I paid about $275 for a 69 BMR in good shape about 5 years back. It's now my Vibroclone.
7/24/2000 3:38 PM

Thanks guys. Anybody know where I can look to find them at these prices. The cheapest I've found so far is $349 from a place in Birmingham, AL. Thanks
10/4/2000 11:54 PM
Dave K

Daves Guitar in La Crosse has one for $250.00

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