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Help with a problem with my Deluxe Reverb

6/13/2000 4:58 PM
Help with a problem with my Deluxe Reverb
I did some work on my '65 Deluxe Reverb, and now I have a problem with it. The amp works fine except when I turn the reverb knob past 4, I get a very loud, constant squeal. I have tried to trouble shoot the problem: I disconnected the input/output reverb cables, I took the V3 reverb driver tube out, and I replaced the other tubes. I still get the same squeal no matter what I do.  
Here is the work that I did to the amp. I changed all the resistors on the board (Allen-Bradley CC), changed the 25/25 electrolitic resistors on the board (Sprague), changed the one chocolate drop on the board (Sprague) but left the original blue ones alone, changed the power filter caps (sprague) and the resistors in the pan, changed the bias cap and resistors, and changed the screen resistors on the power tubes. I have not moved any wires that I know of, nor have I done anything to the pots. I compared my work to the schematic, and everything looks ok. I would appreciate any ideas on this  
Carl H.
6/13/2000 5:47 PM

The 25/25 common cathode bypass cap (one you replaced, right?) on V3 would be my first suspect. Pop in the old one. See what happens. Good Luck. Have Fun.
6/13/2000 6:49 PM

Thanks nek. I will try that when I get home tonight. This is fun for me; it gives me a chance to tinker, which is a welcome relief from my day job.

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