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1970 Marshall SLP 1959

6/6/2000 1:22 AM
1970 Marshall SLP 1959
I recently acquired a 1970 Marshall SLP that has been severely butchered over the years and I was wondering if anyone might have a photo of the chassis layout from a stock Plexi showing the circuit board, as I'm not quite sure of the original component layout, so I can bring this baby back to its original specs!
6/6/2000 4:23 PM

Check out this page. The subjects are 50W. I am sure you can generalize. Good Luck. Have Fun.
6/12/2000 4:25 PM
Jim S.

AFAIK, Marshall switched from Plexiglass control panels to brushed aluminum sometime during 1969. My guess is that your amp was made before 1970. Is there a clear date code on your amp?
6/12/2000 8:40 PM
Peter S

Jim is correct......a 69 Marshall could have the Plexi panel or ali......after that it's all anodised aluminum.  
6/12/2000 11:52 PM

Also, Marshall did not have an SLP model until recently when the reissue 100 watt Plexi came out. The original 60's and 70's 100 watters were called SL's (aka. Super Leads).
6/15/2000 2:45 AM
Joe L

I found these pics on ebay for a plexi that was for sale. They are the clearest plexi pics I've found.  
..Joe L
6/15/2000 3:06 PM

Anyone else notice on this JTM45, that the cathodes on V1 are split? although, the wiring looks a bit heavier than most, so it could be modded. very good pic tho of the chassis!

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