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Re: Super Reverb

8/14/2000 2:55 PM
Re: Super Reverb
There's a guitar center near me with a fairly nice 64 Strat. Guess how much? $7600.
8/14/2000 11:07 PM

I'd think that it would have to be "fairly nice" for that price! On the other hand, I went to a Guitar Center last week and picked up a VERY nice shape Magnatone MP1 Estey for $150.(Figured it was worth THAT, anyway). Cosmetically VERY nice. Needs a new set of matched power tubes...but that's nothing. They were selling stuff off that had been there a year. They originally wanted $500 for it. No wonder it's been there a year! Gotta find stuff at the right time, I guess.  
8/15/2000 4:21 AM

By the way Brad, I stopped by to see you Saturday at the Memorial park and the PA looked HUGE!!  
You must have been off by the creek drinkin' beers or something,  
I couldn't find you around anywhere.  

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