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Re: Super Reverb

6/6/2000 12:09 AM
Joe Movich
Re: Super Reverb
Oh< you did say BF, I think the prices at the show for BF models started at about $1200 up.
6/6/2000 4:19 AM

I had a customer bring an average condition BF 65 Super Reverb in to me last week for a refurb.  
It was in need of everything including 4 speakers.  
He paid $1800.00 as is and was satisfied after the cost of repairs and speakers, it was "the amp" for him.  
Sorry guys but the days of $1000.00 to $1200 BF Super Reverbs is OVER.  
Sure, you might find a gronk in a local garage sale but anyone paying any attention is not going to be giving those away anymore.  
I think that goes for ANY collectable old tube guitar amp.  
6/6/2000 4:11 PM

Don't give up hope Bruce! A buddy of mine just picked up a mint '69 Deluxe Rev footswitch and all for $50.00. Deals still happen, yet you're right that most people "know" what they've got.  
6/6/2000 6:14 PM
Joe Movich

I am wondering if the prices for various BF or SF Fenders vary by what part of the country you are in. $1,800 for an amp in that kind of shape seems real high, even for a BF Super.
6/7/2000 3:11 PM
Peter S

The prices definitely are South Florida where I live people who know what they've got are charging big bucks for old amps.  
6/8/2000 4:43 PM
You can definitely build one from scratch for less.  
It only gets really expensive if you a) demand clone  
cosmetics, b) pay someone else for any of the labor.
8/14/2000 10:31 PM

I am currently building a blonde BFSR. Just need to get off me arse and make the board.  
I have built all of the mechanicals (cabinet, chassis etc.) and I will probably be about $11-1200 into it when I am done. All of the handles, corners etc are fender replacement, but I skipped on the knobs and used chicken heads. I couldn't see spending $10 for a pack of 6  
And I won't feel guilty about tweaking it to my taste!  

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