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Fender Amp Speaker Wire "F" Cap

6/4/2000 11:14 PM
Fender Amp Speaker Wire "F" Cap
You know those plastic caps that cover the 1/4" plug on Fender amps? They usually have Fender F on 'em.  
I'm missing mine. Anyone know where to get a replacement?  
6/8/2000 2:38 AM
Aimish Wallace

Yeah, I need one for my Twin- are these available as a repro part? Or does someone have a stash of them?  
6/10/2000 9:24 AM

I need 2 of 'em for my 69 super reverb and my 69 (bandmaster reverb) Vibroclone project. -J
6/10/2000 12:39 PM
BIG Dave

I post this same question about every three months. No one seems to have them.
6/12/2000 11:57 PM
Dave James

...RATS! I need one too.  
6/13/2000 12:21 AM

Cool guys, maybe we should all email guys like, and to see if they might tap into a potential market.  
I've resolved to use a generic 1/4" 90 degree angle plug. They make a clean look, but I'd prefer that F.  
7/8/2000 11:36 AM

I managed to get *one* from an amp repairer out of his junk box. I don't think they're available as a repro part (at least I've never seen anyone list them). I guess someone has tried Fender?  
Oh, BTW I seem to recall seeing Mark Ware posting somewhere (here?) looking for these too, so I doubt that hassling Ampwares will get you far...  
Cheers - Andrew

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