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Tweed Champ conversion to head and cab

6/3/2000 2:43 AM
Tweed Champ conversion to head and cab
I'd like to chop my tweed champ in half to make it a mini-halfstack. How would I go about doing that?
6/3/2000 3:11 AM
joe. Z

I banish thee troll to the infernal fires from whence you came!!!!!
6/3/2000 9:33 PM
GOTCHA! Sorry...
Of course I was just kidding. I remember all the ballyhoo over the Champutee and I just wanted to hear some people bag on me. I'm a loser...  
I did just score a 5F1 in great original condition, though. Needs new caps for sure and tubes, too. Should I go for the original rec. tube--5Y3---or try Gerald Weber's idea of using a 5V4?
6/19/2000 5:32 AM
Steve Ahola

    I just saw an old two knob tweed amp (Champ? Princeton? Harvard?) over at Dan Torres's shop in for repairs and someone had drilled a hole in the left side of the cabinet to add a 6" midrange driver... The grille over the added speaker looked like something from the 60's so this was obviously a "vintage hack". Just wanted to point out that people have been doing crazy things to their amps for many years... (Why would you want more highs and mids with one of these amps???)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. In case the description wasn't clear enough, the added speaker faced sideways, not to the front...
6/19/2000 11:48 PM

That is so cool. Surround sound!
6/21/2000 7:37 PM
Peter S

Maybe it was someone with severe upper frequency hearing damage, not to mention brain damage. I can't imagine why someone would want to do that. Maybe they were using the speaker cut into the side as an onstage monitor and needed a the extra high freeks to cut through the mix. :)
6/21/2000 8:44 PM
Rick Erickson

What the heck were you doing at Torres' shop? :)  

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