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calling all Silvertone gurus

6/2/2000 7:28 PM
calling all Silvertone gurus
I recently purchased cheap an old 1482 (the one that looks like a television, control panel mounted vertically) model online. The cabinet is shot, somedody tried to recover it. There is a crappy Radio Shack speaker in it, and the pots crackle like easily fixed.  
But before I begin poking around I would really like to have a schematic on hand, particularly becasue this little amp has some grounding problems. (I've been shocked a few times and assume I'll need to rectify this soon). If anyone knows where I can get an accurate schem or has any experience at all with this model, please get in touch, I'd appreciate any expertise you could give.  
By the way, all the tubes are original save one (a 6X4 which I assume is part of the tremolo circuit). There is not very much clean headroom which leads me to beleive someone has modified this bad boy (and forgot to groung the darn thing). Any help is much appreciated.  
6/2/2000 8:07 PM

the 6x4 is the rectifier, the 6au6 is for the trem, and other than that, it's kinda similar to a 5e3 (actually quite). First thing i'd do is put a 3wire cord on the amp. period!! The schematics for this amp are in the mail as we speak! the only diference between a 1472 and a 1482 is strictly cosmetic. You'll find the schematics in your email... They also had the same amp with a 6x5 rectifier, and in a split chassis design-- the controls and preamp were on the top/back of hte amp, and the powre amp was on the bottom... They are decent amps nonetheless!
6/3/2000 10:12 AM

As far as not having headroom, THAT'S part of the "Silvertone" magic. It AIN'T a Deluxe Reverb!  
There is one thing that will really make that particular model sound anemic, You'll find two resistors soldered directly over the 'lytic can(in the last one I looked at a 2.2K and 27K) These are not high enough wattage and tend to cook. Replace them w/1 watt resistors at least.  
Try some different speakers, The stock ones can start to sound crappy after a few years in the garage.  
Finally, the standard mod I do: On the instrument channel, add a 4.7 mf cathode bypass cap. This will "wake up" that channel and give it a little more punchy sparkle.
6/6/2000 12:50 AM

Thanks for the information, both of you. I was away for a few days and forget to check this list and my email. As for the trem function, then is the send and recovery both on the 6AU4, or is their a photoresister involved somewhere?  
And as for speakers, the Radio Snack has got to go...but any suggestions? Weber perhaps? I've also noticed (and didn't mention in my original post) that there is a certain high end loss. At this point, I'm going to blame the speaker for that unless something else crops up.  
Again, thanks to both of you.
6/6/2000 1:17 AM

the 6au6 is the oscillator for the trem, which modulates the bias ;)
6/8/2000 4:14 AM

One mo thing to do:  
Where ever you find a terminal strip bolted to chassis ground, be sure to tighten as tightly as you can without overtightening the nuts & bolts of those terminals to the chassis. Since the chassis is aluminium, you won't be able to easily solder ground points to chassis ground, so you'll have to tighten.  
I have one of those models too and of course I dig it, except that it only has one tone control = treble without bass, and visa-versa, or flat, but I certainly will not change that - not planning to gig with it.  
Keep it cool,  

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