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68 showman

5/31/2000 1:46 AM
68 showman
iv got this 68 showman head, what do i do with it? is there a mod that i should do to make it screem or do i just leave it alone or what, its sounds nice and all but no rev nothin just plain ol fender, what do you guys think?
5/31/2000 4:36 AM

In my opinion, plain ol' Fender is great! Want reverb? Get an outboard unit. One thing you might want to find out is WHICH circuit it has. '68 is right at the time when Fender engineers start experimenting with wacky changes(some of which were not documented or only poorly documented) I've seen three different circuits in those. But hey- if it sounds good, it is good!
5/31/2000 3:39 PM
Peter S

Get a Plexi Marshall and run the showman and Marshall side by side....dont forget your fuzzface. :)
6/5/2000 5:06 AM

Hi scott I've got one I use with a fender reverb RI, Sunn 2X15 cab,Boss od-1.Its like winterland 1968. pb.
6/17/2000 9:01 PM

I had a 67 .. i sold it. still wish i'd kept it. but its in good hands. These are great amps. Alot of people look at these like a twin/reverb in a head with out reverb.  
6/17/2000 10:02 PM
Peter S

Amen Richie,  
I just went through one for a customer......He's ecstatic.........great amp......more versatile than Twin.  
Peter S

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