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Re: Fender Pro

8/9/2000 8:21 PM
Re: Fender Pro
The amp arrived today. The cabinet is cracked and broke through the tolex on the upper left side. There is a smaller crack on the back right hand side also. The baffle board is shoved halfway into the cabinet on the right side. The speaker is pushed up against the transformer. The tremolo does not work. The output tubes fell out during shipment, and both keyways inside the pins are snapped off. The tubes do work, however. I have contacted the store, they are filing a claim with FedEx. I have no protection from my credit card company for this type of item. I am waiting to see what will happen. No refunds or returns, only store credit. I wonder if Fed Ex will offer a settlement for the damage. A new cabinet/baffleboard cost $300. Lesson Learned - Don't buy amps through the mail. I hope you had a better day than I did. mp
8/9/2000 9:19 PM
Matt W.

Shipping amps is a nightmare. It sounds like you bought from a business. They should without a doubt give a refund. No refunds/returns are generally to protect against buyer remorse, but this isn't the case.  
Try for a cab. They do fab work and a lot cheaper than the regular suspects. I don't know what credit card company you're dealing with, but I would personally call them immediately to dispute the charge.  
Any amp Deluxe Reverb or larger should be shipped in a minimum 24x14x24 box, tall, not short, wrapped in bubblewrap and packed in foam, not popcorn. Tubes should be packed in their own box and placed in the amp cavity securely. I learned the hard way...  
Don't lose faith... Just talk to the seller about packing. Also, be willing to pay $5 more for packing. It goes a long way toward foam.  
8/10/2000 3:00 AM

Yes, it was from a business. I think they are going to try and make things right.  
The amp was in a good size box. But, there were packing peanuts, tubes were not separately packaged. The shipping company really threw this around. A hole through the box showed that something was dropped on, or shoved into the package. The amp was in a completely new cabinet/w new hardware too.  
"be willing to pay $5 more for packing" Yeah, I should have told them to overpack and offered to pay them to do it. I called the credit company, I have a "titanium" account which is "supposed" to have the best buyer protection. They won't do anything for me on this one. Thanks for the support, Matt.  
8/10/2000 1:02 PM

This brings back memories ..don't seem to matter how well they are packed. Some make it some don't. Do the best you can at packing.. how hard would you have to throw an amp to make the tubes break off and from the claw retainers..Then try and explain to them the tubes they broke..are not made anymore and can't be replaced..(with that brand} I filed a claim.. and finally told them hell with it.. I sent tubes to replace the ones that broke.Funny they always want to see the box it was shipped in.. hey i'd like to see the guys that do the throwing into the trucks..think thats the problem..maybe it was air frieght.. and forgot to put the parachute to the box..  
8/16/2000 12:32 AM

Here is an update on the amp. Initially, I was under the impression that the amp was redone cosmetically. It turns out it was almost completely rebuilt. New speaker, output tranny upgraded to 50watts, new tubes, new caps and resistors, and everything was neatly done. The person who rebuilt the amp spared no expense. Today I reglued the cabinet, repaired the baffle board, and glued the tolex back down where it ripped. I checked the bias and it was right on the money. Seems like it is going to be fine. With my strat, the amp stays clean up to 7 on the volume knob. My Es335 starts to growl by about 6. It is very touch sensitive. When I finally hear from FedEx about the claim, I'll let you know the result. I aint holding my breath though. Thanks for all the replies, Mark
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