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Re: Fender Pro

8/6/2000 7:01 PM
Re: Fender Pro
I studied my schematics like crazy and have a blackface Pro Reverb with a Jensen 15 coming via FedEx this week.
8/7/2000 7:06 PM
Fender never made a BF Pro Reverb with a 15. Pro Reverbs were all 2x12. The Pro Amp was a 1x15 but did not have reverb. The BF Vibroverb was the 1x15 with Reverb.  
If you have a Pro Reverb with a 15, then someone has hacked it. I hope you didn't pay too much.
8/7/2000 10:35 PM

I checked the schemos of both the Pro Reverb, and the Vibroverb. Looks like the main difference is the neg. feedback resistor. I certainly can't afford a blackface Vibroverb, maybe this amp will get me pretty close to one. Thanks for your input. Mark
8/7/2000 10:56 PM
They use different OTs as well. Other than that, they're about the same.
8/8/2000 12:46 AM

Good deal. Thanks, mp
8/7/2000 4:42 AM

I think these are very cool amps.  
I think of them as a big bad ass BF Deluxe using 6L6s.  
The OT is about 35-30% smaller then a Super Reverb and about the same percentage size bigger then a Deluxe with or without Reverb.  
My guess is you'll see about 32 watts before it starts to cave in a little and the Les Paul will start to fuzz it out pretty good with the volume control around 3-4.  
I'd keep it pretty much stock for now.  
Recap the power supply, bias supply and the circuit board if it has not been done yet.  
Set the power tubes to idle around 14-15 watts.  
Try the treble up to 7-8 and the bass down to less then 3 or 4 and it should sound pretty good.  
After you've played with it for a while, try the tweed Bassman tone stack values in it and reduce the coupling cap to the 220K isolation resistors before the phase inverter cap to see how you like that.  
A 12AX7 in the driver stage will sound a little brighter and more gainy.  
8/7/2000 10:31 PM

Cool. Thanks for the info, Bruce. This amp has been "redone" cosmetically. I'm almost positive it is going to have a new baffle to accommodate the 15. The price wasn't bad. I wanted something with more balls than my VibroChamp. All my other amps are Boogies, so this will be a nice change. If I need to/want to mod it, I won't feel bad 'cuz it has already been modified. I'll give my impressions of it after I've had it a few days. Thanks again, Mark.
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