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Fender Pro

5/25/2000 8:25 PM
Harris Howard
Fender Pro
I have what appears to be a 1959 brown face Fender Pro. The sources I've read don't mention the brown face Pro being made this early but some brown faces were made in 1959 such as the Vibrasonic and Concert. It has the tube chart which indicates 5G5 and the code works out to Sept. 1959. So far so good. But the controls are not arranged with the tone controls first as the earliest brown face Fenders were (or normally were). This one has the volume first for each channel as the late 1960 brown face amps did. The speaker is not original so its no help in dating the amp.  
Any Fender experts out there have any idea if this is amp is legitimate?
5/25/2000 8:52 PM
John Stokes
First thing is I'd look at the date codes on the transformers. Look on them, you'll see sets of numbers. What are they? We can use those to help you.
5/26/2000 1:22 PM
Peter S

date codes on the pots might be helpful too.  
5/27/2000 4:13 PM
Harris Howard

Thanks for your offers to help. I only see numbers on the middle transformer. They are 125CIA and 606021. There is a number on the chassis which says 01275.
5/27/2000 7:06 PM
John Stokes
That's the filter choke. It has a 1960 date code, 21st week. There should be similar numbers on the other transformers. If it's the original choke that was put on that chassis, the chassis was made mid 1960. June?? July??  
You may have a later chassis put into an earlier cabinet.
5/30/2000 12:36 AM
Harris Howard

That must be it, a mid 1960 chassis in an earlier cabinet. The transformers strangely do not have numbers. They do look old like the filter choke. Do the transformers always have numbers? The chassis is also interesting because it appears to be a transition version. It has the control layout of the 6G5A but not the extra tube for the 6G5A type tremelo. Thanks for the information.
8/5/2000 2:36 AM

I would like some opinions on this model amp. How loud does it get before it starts to breakup with a strat? A les paul? Would $1000 be a good price for one of these? Thanks! Mark

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