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Tweed Deluxe 'Badge'

5/22/2000 6:34 PM
Randy Jamz
Tweed Deluxe 'Badge'
Does anyone have a source for a tweed-era Deluxe name 'badge'. Thanks for the help.  
5/23/2000 9:17 PM
Ray Ivers

If you mean the 'Fender' badge at the top front of the amp, Antique Electronics ( apparently has them now - part numbers S-M913 and S-M917, $10.95 each. One has black background paint and the other has brown, but I'm not sure which is which since the catalog is about as misleading as it can possibly be on this point (brown background badge pictured, identified as "Tweed Logo - Black, S-M917"). You might want to spin them a call first at (480) 820-5411.  
Ray Ivers  
R.A.G.E. Electronics
5/24/2000 12:27 AM
Randy Jamz

Unfortunately, no, I mean the badge that says 'Deluxe'. I personally have never seen one, although my customer insists he 'needs' one on his amplifier. I didn't argue, I just said I would look around as best as I could. Rodgers came up with zilch, and I never though to ask if there WAS such a beast, but I'm sure Mr. Rodgers would have mentioned words to the effect of its' exsistance. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.
5/25/2000 12:47 AM
Randy Jamz

Here is an interesting EBay item; a Tweed Deluxe with a beautiful picture of the aforementioned needed badge. It indeed does say "Fender Deluxe". Anybody know where to get a repro? A REAL one? Thanks for any help!  
5/25/2000 12:29 PM

You can get a repro from Parts is Parts, John Sprung has them.  
They are $15.00.  

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