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Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?

7/4/2000 2:41 AM
Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?
Does anybody know where could I find it?  
Actually ther's only three pins used, and one of them, in the chassis female conector, is conected to the ground/shield. So ther's only two left that realy matter.  
I don't know if it uses a SPST in the box.  
Aparently, if I'm right, the switch just conects a lead of the reverb tube to a) another cable internaly, or b) to ground.  
I don't have a schem for the amp, so I can't be sure enough about it.  
I know this is a silly hard to answer question due to the fact that it is such an unusual Marshall model, and to my lack of knowledge to "read" a circuit easyly, but I had to ask...  
Well, sorry, and thanks.  
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7/4/2000 1:11 PM
Ray Ivers

Which model Marshall is this footswitch for?  
7/4/2000 11:46 PM

Ray, it is for the Marshall Artisté combo I was talking about the other day.  
I'll definitely keep it.  
I think the it's the same schem for the Marshall Artist head, schematic #2040.  
I remember I once saw this schem "hand drawn" on a friend's Pittman's book (hard to read, the schem drawing, as I remember), and I also found a site that sells/swaps schematics, but I can't wait weeks to send the cash and receive the schem... Otherwise I wouldn't mind to pay for it, of course.  
The footswitch is for turning on or off the reverb, otherwise, it is always ON doesn't matter in wich channel you're plugged into.  
Well, actualy if you play in the Marshall sound channel, the reverb is not sound active, but the circuit is, so it hums for nothing.  
7/5/2000 1:00 AM
Ray Ivers

The 2040 schematic in the Pittman book doesn't appear to have a footswitch. The model number for Marshall amps is usually somewhere on the back panel - it could be this amp you have is not a 2040. The Mike Doyle Marshall book has lots of schematic diagrams of combo amps with footswitches, but without the exact model number I don't know which of them are your amp.  
I assume the 'female' connector you mention is a 1/4" stereo jack, with one ground and two 'hot' connections. One of these (possibly the tip connection) grounds out (or ground-enables) the boost, tremolo, or channel-switching functions, while the other one is used for the reverb function. This is total guesswork on my part, based on the Marshall footswitch wiring I've seen in the past.  
Marshall makes a footswitch (model P802) that should work. This can probably be ordered from any Marshall dealer anywhere in the world; the price I have is $40 US.  
7/5/2000 5:01 PM

I was told by the vendor (a friend actually) that this model was a very rare model, only a few units were made.  
Looking again to the chassis, and back panel, there's only name and serial number. And a paper sticker with the name of the person that assembled the amp, I guess, and the date, August '77.  
The bias section is identical to the Artist, I remember that, but that is not much, I know.  
In Spain, we say 'female' conector, for well, you may guess, that part of the conector oposite in shape to the 'male' conector. Even a none would call it like that. That's how it is called over here. Thank's for taking it the right way.  
It is a five pin round conector (din type). Only three pins are used.  

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