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Peavey Century schematic?

5/27/2000 8:03 AM
Peavey Century schematic?
Hi everybody,  
Does anyone know whether there is a schematic for Peavey Century 100W bass amp anywhere on the web?  
I've been searching the web but to no avail.  
I know it's a transistor amp but I need it for fixing a friends amp.  
This site and everybody here is so cooool.  
I'll send in some strange schematics to Steve A.'s site in return for the Peavey schematic!  
Best regards,  
5/27/2000 11:05 AM
Ray Ivers

I just got a schematic for the Classic VTX from Peavey, no charge - it's a nice big print with the component layout and everything. The website is (they have the Century owner's manual, some of them come with schematics - it's a 255 K download so I didn't try it to see) and their phone number is (601) 483-5365. It can be quite a wait sometimes for the parts department to pick up, but they eventually will. Peavey schematics seem to be kind of scarce on the Web, although there was a post here a while back that mentioned a Peavey BBS (maybe it's accessible from the Peavey home page). If I were you, I would call them right away, and don't do what I did - I wasted a few days scouring the Web when I could have had the print in hand and fixed the amp. Good luck!  
Ray Ivers  
R.A.G.E Electronics  
P.S. While you've got them on the line, you might want to get any other Peavey prints you are interested in. I made sure to get the 5150 amp print and a couple others when I ordered schematics from them last year.
5/27/2000 5:03 PM
I checked the Peavey web site but unfortunately no schematic just a manual for the Century amp. Thanks for the tip anyway.  
I guess Peavey wouldn't send the schematic to Europe(Sweden) so I better check with the importer here. My previous experience has been that they are a bit reluctant to send schematics to people not working at a musicstore or official repair shops.  
Thanks again for the help.  
5/28/2000 10:42 AM

Mika, I haven't got a schem, but I've repaired a couple, so I might be able to point you in the right direction. Those amps actually sound pretty good. It's a very basic circuit design from what I can remember.  
5/30/2000 6:34 PM

Actually it's not broken in a sense that it doesn't work but I need to know how the footswitchable "distortion" works to get it out of the system and put in something that sounds better but still works off the same footsw.  
My friend likes to look stock but with a sound that is something more than meets the eye.  
I guess I'll just have to open it up and start to trace the leads.  
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