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Hi Res Bassman AA864 Image?

5/26/2000 4:04 PM
Hi Res Bassman AA864 Image?
Does anyone have a hi resolution scan of a Bassman AA864 schematic? I found a few on the web but the quality is lowsy and I can't read some of the values. I know there's some books out there with good schems in them but I just need this one. I have a high res BF Princton Reverb schem I'd be willing to trade. :)
5/26/2000 4:55 PM
Lee M.

I don't have a scan but have it in the Weber book. What values can't you determine? I could fax it to you next Tuesday if want a copy.  
5/26/2000 5:35 PM

Hi Lee,  
The values I can't read are scattered all over the schem so it's hard to say. One of the copies I have is a fax and the resolution is pretty bad.  
Thanks for the offer though!
5/26/2000 8:58 PM
Lee M.

Did you try the Fender Amp Field Guide? That schem looks fairly readable to me.
5/27/2000 2:05 PM

Thanks again! I found one. :)
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