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Is this a Leaky Cap Problem? Pls Help!

5/25/2000 2:36 PM
Is this a Leaky Cap Problem? Pls Help!
When I measure DC voltage after the first .022 coupling cap (feeding the 3.3M/10pf reverb splitter network) in my Princeton Reverb, I get some DC fluctuating between 4mv and 18mv with the amp idling. When I play a note, DCV shoots up to several volts. I thought that there should only be AC at this stage and zero DC. But after replacing this cap several times with new O'drops I get the same results. This is either:  
a) normal and operating within spec  
b) Sprague is having a QC problem  
c) there's something else going on to cause DC here  
The distortion in my PR is ugly and I'm hoping the answer is b) cause I have no other leads right now.  
Can anyone tell me what might be going on here?  
* When measuring, the cap is in the circuit as opposed to disconnecting one end that goes to the next grid. BTW, I get 0-2mv readings after the tone caps at idle.  
5/25/2000 3:30 PM

This is a repeat of a previous post (different title though) that I thought got lost in the transition to the new bbs categories.
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