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help wiring power transformer

5/23/2000 11:53 PM
help wiring power transformer
I have been given (to repair, if I can) one of these amps, but the mains power selector was ripped off, so I can't know where each cable goes.  
I would be happy if I could just conect it ready for use with 220 Vac.  
It was cappable via the rotary switch to handle 110, 130, 150, 220, 240 and 250 Vac.  
It has, appart transformer to chassis, six conectors (imputs). One central, then three more "pairs" (that's three cables to the left, and corresponding same colored three more to the right of the central one)  
Any schemathic or help would be much appreciated.  
5/23/2000 11:56 PM
It's a Klemt Echolette M 120
Sorry, I forgot to mention the type of amp it is.  
It's a Klemt Echolette M 120.  
5/24/2000 4:11 PM

In a situation like that I would usually measure the DC resistance of the primaries on the power transformers. Then I would use a trial and error to guess which taps do what. The only reason this would be really complex is if you have a situation where there are multiple seperate primaries that need to be phased correctly to operate. If you're careful and have a voltmeter that responds quickly and good ears to hear if the transformer is correctly wired before it gets hot (you'll hear a nasty internal buzz), you can easily determine which settings are correct.  
I don't know how bad this is for a transformer, but I have many that I've figured out this way and they are fine.  
5/25/2000 10:54 PM

Thank you for your replay.  
I managed to wire it correctly.  
I could find another one and then I compared them.  
That was quite easy, I know.  
I would't mind to find a schem, so I could biass it correctly, but for the moment I haven't had any success on my search.  
They seam to be quite rare...  
5/26/2000 1:05 AM
Rick Erickson

"They seam to be quite rare..."
I have a Klempt Echolette M40 that uses 4 EL84's.  
It needs new filter caps. A tech. friend of mine says he has the correct type but they're back home in Germany and he's not sure when he will go back there. So for now the amp sits on a shelf...  
It used to sound pretty good as I recall.  
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