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Crate G40XL schematic

6/6/2000 12:59 AM
Crate G40XL schematic
Hi !  
I'm searching for a Crate G40XL schematic/layout-drawing .  
It's a 80s (?) solidstate combo .  
(Yes , I do like good amps ......) 8-)  
I didn't see any schematics/email-adress on the site of Crate .  
In any case : many thanks !  
6/9/2000 5:06 PM

You need to do a search for St.louis music co. you might try the music yellow pages on the net. SLM is the company that makes and sells crate amps. If you get their phone number call them and say that a repair tech needs the schematic to your model and they should send it to you free. Good luck.:)  
6/9/2000 7:29 PM

Thanks !  
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