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Looking for Mod for Fender Blues Deville for Harmonica

5/31/2000 1:51 PM
John LaGrassa
Looking for Mod for Fender Blues Deville for Harmonica
I am trying to help out our bands Harmonica player in getting a better tone for playing harp, currently the amp is just to hot and feeds back all the time when he trys to solo, I replace the preamp tubes with 12au7's to cut some of the gain, its better but still to hot. he likes that distorted sound but has to keep his amp low in there anything else i can try to make this into a harmonica styled amp
5/31/2000 3:48 PM
John LaGrassa

Correction, The amp is a Hotrod Deluxe w/1X12
6/1/2000 12:08 PM
Ray Ivers

Do you want a simple mod like a tube/speaker swap, or a 'mod mod' involving component changes? I have a buddy who works for Cotton Amps (they only make harmonica amps, at least right now), and from talking with him in the past I understand that harp amps usually use a lot of power-supply 'sag' and possibly also high-value plate resistors for the gain stages; these changes are best left to an amp tech. If your amp had a tube rectifier (which it does not), I could MAYBE advise a plug-in rectifier substitution, but it probably would not make a night-and-day difference in either tone or feedback. For the feedback issue, try reversing the speaker leads, just for the hell of it. What kind of microphone is he using?  
The schematic for your amp is available at Steve Ahola's web site:  
Let me know if any of the above suggestions work at all, and what you want to do next.  
Ray Ivers  
R.A.G.E. Electronics

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