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Filter caps ?

5/29/2000 11:32 PM
Mike G
Filter caps ?
Hey Ya'll  
Got a 67 BF Bassman , has all the original tubes , caps, etc...  
Needs to be recapped, maybe new resistors ?  
Anyway, I was looking at Angela Instruments site  
to check out their selection of caps.  
He says " Best Replacement For Electrolytics: Angela/SCR Metallized Polyproylene, Solen/SCR Metallized Polypropylene or Angela/ASC Metallized Polyproylene In Oil if you have the room."  
Also "Solen/SCR Metalized Polypropylene FAST Capacitors For Tube Amp Signal And Power Supply Applications  
Many guitar amp 'hot rodders' don't know that the polarized electrolytics found in most power supplies can be replaced with modern non-polarized, high quality film capacitors, possibly offering better sound quality? "  
So what would be the sonic difference /advantage over using OEM type caps?  
Anybody tried this?  
5/30/2000 2:33 AM
Peter S

Some people say it makes the amp brighter......I cant hear any difference. The main reason for using them is they dont need to be replaced every ten years like the electrolytics do. They do short out sometimes though, so they arent God's gift to the power supply capacitor world. I cant really say at this point whether I think there's any really significant advanteage to them, unless your the one selling 'em. That said......I just got 30 of them to have on hand for experimentation and just in case I get a custormer who is convinced that these will solve all of mankinds problems, and has to have 'em in his/her amp.  
Pete S
5/30/2000 6:35 PM

I used Angela polypro caps for the power supply in my laney vc30 I dropped the 100uf electro to 47uf poly I used polys in all of the PS and used film polyesters as the cathode bypass caps 1uf and 2.2uf. The stock caps did not measure very good on a sencore lc102. Even with a 47uf first cap I think I have more more PS transformer mecanical hum than with the stock 100uf electro, I am going to add a resistor from the diodes to the first cap I will try about 5 ohms first(the polys have almost 0 ohms ESR And I am thinking I am getting Higher surge current next time it is open I will put a good current probe/clamp on it)  
I think it sounds better but I think it is because of the film cathode bypass caps and the plate cap being a film I don't think once you change the plate and screen cap to a better cap(s) that the other caps in the PS make a difference.

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