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Soldano Hot-Mod

10/19/2000 12:26 PM
Eric Soldano Hot-Mod
I have a Marshall model 2204 (50 Watt Master Volume). I have noticed that a lot of the writers on this site prefer the SLO 100. Now I heard that Soldano has an adapter called ”Hot-Mod” that will transform any Marshall into a SLO. Does anybody have any information of this?  
10/19/2000 1:28 PM
Paul Stansfield

Hi Eric,  
I don't think Soldano are making the Hot Mod anymore (I last saw a new one in 1994). It was a 6K11 triple triode and the assoiciated circuitry and adapter allowing you to plug it into a typical 12a_7 socket. As far as I know, it wasn't a great success. I heard one in a Twin Reverb, and whilst interesting, it certainly didn't convert it into a SLO! In fact, it sounded quite "Boogie-like" at low volume levels, but when cranked up it went mushy and fed back like crazy (probably the host amp being as much the cause as the Hot Mod).  
I'd be interested to hear anymore info about them though, or anyone who has come up with anything similar. With a bit of thought, all those B/F & S/F two channel Fenders could have an overdrive channel with no hacking, which can't be bad ;-)  
10/19/2000 3:17 PM
Kent S.
Hey Guys,  
I have a HotMod. You are correct Paul, it does feed back when you crank the output. It sounds pretty good but definitly not an SLO. Not quite enough gain for that. The other thing is that it eats that 6k11 tube quick. It's biased a bit too hot, I assume, but you can't check because it's encased in epoxy.  
Kent S.
10/19/2000 3:36 PM
John B.

I love the two hot mods that I have. One is totally stock, and the other one was modified by Soldano. The modified one has a pot mounted on the side. This pot controls the output of the unit; basically, it's a master volume pot. I have a 4-hole Marshall, and the side mounted pot works great for bringing down the overall volume without bringing down the preamp distortion. With the pot cranked, it sounds just like the standard hot mod. I've had really good results using a hot mod with Bassmans and bassman clones like a Holland. I was lucky enough find a stash of 6K11's locally, but my hot mods don't seem to eat up these tubes as fast as I've heard other people say. At any rate, I love these little suckers. The literature that comes with them give a huge list of amps to use them in, but some of the Fenders with verb/trem don't seem to get along with a hot mod...trial and error is the best judge.
10/19/2000 3:45 PM
Glen H.

FWIW, My HotMod sounds pretty decent in my Marshall 2204, but I removed it because the dynamics were not readily apparent (transients were lost)- the HotMod is not very subtle, and makes your preamp act like it's on steroids.  
The HotMod is designed such that the preamp gain should be rolled up gradually. When dimed, my amp gets a high-pitched feedback. My favourite preamp setting (with the mod) is at about 3...  
The 6K11 tube itself is not encased in epoxy, but the base is! I'd like to open mine up, but do not want to damage it...  
Glen H.
10/19/2000 5:40 PM
BIG Dave

I sold mine about a year ago. It didn't do it for me. Mine must have been a real early one because it wasn't encased in epoxy. If I remember correctly, it was really simple, just a couple resistors and a cap or two sandwiched between the 6K11 tube and the socket.
10/19/2000 6:38 PM
Per Arvidsson

I bought mine back in 1992. I think it sound pretty good. I even draw up a schematic. Anyone interested?  
Best regards  
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