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Dating 70's Marshall amps

10/17/2000 6:49 PM
Dating 70's Marshall amps
I have an early 70's MkII 50 watt head. The serial#6945F  
Where can I go to find out the age of this amp. Also  
when did Marshall stop wiring point to point.
10/17/2000 8:20 PM

Well, I had a '73 hat the serial ended in "e" so with yoru sbeing an "f" it would be a 1974 amp.. open the back and look for a label on the top of the chassis with a more accurate date (mine was dated 11-1-73, which meant Jan. 11, 1973). It was sometime in 1973 tha tthey switched over to PCB from the tagboard construction of the ol plexi's... I had one of the pre-pcb models. hope that helps!
10/17/2000 8:22 PM

Dating info is in Michael Doyle's history of Marshall book. Yours looks to be a 1974 model. I believe ptp stopped in '72. I'm sure someone has a definitive date for this.  
10/17/2000 8:33 PM

it was defintiely in '73 when they stopped PTP wiring... mine was an early '73 and it was still PTP
10/18/2000 3:06 PM
I wasn't sure, and we poted replies at the same time as each other. Wasn't trying to contradict you (of all people).  
10/18/2000 3:24 PM

heh, no problem man. I've done that many times!  
Ironically... I wish I wouldnt have sold my 100watter. but ya know how we all do things we later regret *laugh*
10/17/2000 8:51 PM
M Cook

Hi Ian,  
According to the chart in Pitman's book, the letter F indicates it is from 1974.  
The prefix of your serial number should probably be S/A.  
I don't know what year Marshall stopped using PTP, maybe Trace, Rebel, or one of the other Marshall guys might be able to help. :)  
P.S. Here's one for you. I've got a 100W Super Lead that I can't easily date. Someone changed the face plates from the gold metal panels to a dull silver/aluminum metal panel, silkscreened in gold all of the markings for the controls & jacks. However they silkscreened the serial # on the back panel without the letter.  
I've talked to a few people about it and the best we can come up with is ~1973. This amp has a small lettering, white logo on the box, 2" laydown PT (500V on the plates), 6 50/50 LCR caps (not caps inside the chassis), metal toggle switches for power & standby not plastic rockers, and holes for 4 speaker jacks.  
PLEASE don't think that I did this to this amp. When I bought it it had an unwired pot beside the toggle switches and above it the panel is labled Pre-Vol. It also had an active effects loop installed with level controls in two of the speaker jack holes. I've since brought it back to the stock 1959 circuit. :)  
Any takers on dating this amp?
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