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Jose Arredando Marshall Mod

10/10/2000 4:37 PM
Jose Arredando Marshall Mod
Hi amp guys,  
I want my JCM 800 50 watt to mod. the way Jose arredando does. Jose past away a few years ago and he never had anyone to work with so unless some one out there knows what he did. It is mystery.  
All I know that he add extra pre tube for the gain stage, readjust the eq range and hand wired the transformer. I need much more deeper detail so I can have my tech to do the mod.  
Does anybody out there know?  
Thank you,  
10/11/2000 1:01 PM
Re: Jose Arredando Marshall Mod Whos got the mod scoop?
I would also like to know what Jose did to the marshalls. I kinda think it was an added gain stage but he also did fx loops and some other neat stuff. Whos got the scoop on this one???  
10/12/2000 11:53 PM

I have heard of Jose doing mods and putting mystery parts in amps that the normal person would take out of the amp. But without the part the amp lost its magic.  
I doubt you are going to get anyone to give up this precious info  
Good luck
10/13/2000 4:12 PM
mike kach

Growing up in LA, I have owned Jose Amp, and Several of my Friends had those plexi's moded by Him, I hate to break it to you, but nothing is special by todays ,info highway standards, there.  
The mods were done in very unprofessional way with a caps and resistors hanging up in the air, and wires aranged all over the place, I have to admit that the amp sounded better than stock, but it was noisy as hell. The part of the so called mod was incorporated with JCM 800 series amps by Mr. Marshall himself, but to achieve the levels of gain Jose used simple buffered effects loop that could be switched in or out of signal path, also the extra gain was achieved through addition of caps in a second pre amp stage, the ticket to the great marshall tone is cathode follower stage just like an old baseman had, so all myth involved with Jose is just a myth, any competent tech can work with an artist to create tone he/she are looking for, it acheived through experimentation and experience. We all have to greatfull to Mr. Van Halen who popularised the Marshall mods, Jose was just a guy living next door to VH, so it could of been Trace, if he lived next door to MR, VH at that time. I just wish that I had that amp, I would take pic of it and you all would see what kind of a mess it is, by todays standards. Soldano used to do a lot of mods in his early days, and his stuff was tops, and amps were relativelly hissless, and buletproof.  
Sorry for a long rant, but I Just wanted to get if off my chest.  
Mike Kach www.mandgamplification.
10/13/2000 5:02 PM

Although, I have nver seen any of Jose's work, I will have to concur with Mike here. a LOT of the 'magic' of certain things people attribute to tone (i.e.PTP boards is why the old Fenders and Marshalls sound better than the reissues etc.. **totally neglecting that the reissue output tranny's are JUNK-- throw in one of the Obsolete Electronics OTs' in that 50 plexi reissue.. surprise surprise! it's just like the original sounds now!!!) Are ptp boards better than PCB? it all depends...If you are doing small quantities, yes, it's prpobably cheaper fo ryou to do a tagboard vs. getting PCBs made, plus for modding, and maintenance, they are superior... but for somehting like a Soldano, the lead dress for that hndwiring would be a nightmare with so much gain... the PCB gives consistency, which for someone who wants the TRUE twin or plexi magic,it aint a bad way to go! but fo those who want a twin, but with this or hat different, then there has to be changes. check out RG's article ;), and decide for yourself. I personally prefer them, but a lot of good amps are PCB and are magic!  
Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are a LOT of amp manufacturers/technicians whether or not they believe it or not themselves, will 'play' off of this voodoo, and market the F**k out of the concept-- and a LOT of the time, they are telling complete lies!!! (how many amps have oyu seen listed as 'CLASS A" that were not? I know many players who trythis or that because it 'sounds better' or so they were told, when in reality, they really cant hear a damn bit of difference!!! I know a lot of country players who had to have the "handwired, class A, blackface spec, carbon comp resistors, tube rectifier, and of course, tween cabinet covering" named amplifier. They get it, and ya know what? The can't hear a bit of difference between that and their late-70's, pull boos master volume twin reverb, that has been outfitted with Radio Shack speakers. SO what did they gain? besides a lot of $$ spet on something, that for their style of playin, actually sounds not quite as good as that brigh, snappy, "undesireable" silverface fender with their 'chicken picken'. Does that mean that there is no need for yoru 'high end, boutique' amps? no, different tool for the job!  
Another thing that bothers me is the 'wannabe' players out there... who have to have brand x guitar, brand y amp, use brand z strings just because Stevie ray bluesman, Eddie van hagar, or Metallinapster usesl. I get SOOO tired of going to guitar shows, and the only thing you hear all day are the sam 3 riffs all over the place. ok... enough of that tangent...  
I'm not ripping on the quality of hte new amps out there... in fact all i'm ripping on product marketing in genral... it happens in all fields (stereos, vcr's, computers, clothing, food etc) SO here are 2 quotes:  
"Marketing (MAR - kit - ting) feeding your market audience a line of bullshit, and getting as many people to buy into the bullshit at the highest price possible."  
"There's a sucker born every minute"
10/13/2000 5:51 PM
mike kach

I say Try Trace's mods on an ampage, you probably be in the same ballpark with Jose, I ve recently did an amp for a guy who wanted Jose mod in there, well I just replaced caps to poly film, in PCB JCM800, chached some resistor values in a first and second stage, whoala instant Jose mod, and put 1/2 tube in front, add an effects loop, now you have a soldano. Just a note  
Mike Kach
10/13/2000 7:14 PM

"I say Try Trace's mods on an ampage, you probably be in the same ballpark with Jose,"
Thanks for the compliment Mike! You are too kind as always :)  
"I ve recently did an amp for a guy who wanted Jose mod in there, well I just replaced caps to poly film, in PCB JCM800, chached some resistor values in a first and second stage, whoala instant Jose mod, and put 1/2 tube in front, add an effects loop, now you have a soldano."
I can agree with you there my friend. I came up with the JCM800 mods as a way to get more gain without adding another gain stage. Of course some guys want the extra gain stage and that's understandable. It all depends on the player and what tone they are after.  
Another thing is a lot of guys think Jose modded Eddie's amp and he didn't. So if someone is looking for that tone for that reason...well..(ha, ha)  
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