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'best' speakers for Bassman

10/8/2000 2:41 PM
frank paxton
'best' speakers for Bassman
Gentlemen (and you other guys too !): I'm building a Bassman replica for a VERY good player.... he can play just about anything, and does. Anyone care to recommend 10" speakers ? I know this is VERY subjective but you guys have been through this a million times and I haven't. I'm thinking Weber P10R or P10Q. How much of a difference is there between them really. Wouldn't the Q be more versitile and yet still offer enough of the characteristic Bassman ORIGINAL sound to keep this multi-style player happy ?
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10/8/2000 4:15 PM
Lew Collins

I like them all, but like the P10RT Ted built for me better than the P10R or P10Q. To me, it sounds more like an old fifties Jensen. Never tried four P10RT's in a tweed Bassman, tho I have tried four P10R's and four P10Q's. I'd go for the P10RT.
10/9/2000 12:40 AM
Naked Clarke

I couldn't decide either, so I put 2 each of the R's and Q's in my '55 and am very happy with them. I am not familiar with the RT's. That model was not an option that Ted offered when I got mine.  

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