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Not very similar to an SLO-100

10/8/2000 12:27 AM
Joe L
Not very similar to an SLO-100
"Any more pictures of that project that you'd like to share? Looks great (for something originally from Fullerton... "
That is the only picture I have but the camera has fresh batteries in it if you have any angles that need to be seen Steve. That is just my much abused '65 BF Bassman with probably the 7th circuit that has been in it. I already had a point to point board in it but needed to test that circuit board version out. It sounds identical even though the caps are slightly different which was a relief because that amps sounds awesome!  
PC boards sure look neater.  
..Joe L
10/5/2000 5:34 AM
Carl Z
Re: SLO-100 (or similar) Chassis Interest?
That would have been me. I was making a few inquiries as to who might want a JCM800 chassis. It basically went like this...  
Single units = 300 bucks  
As more units were ordered the cost would go down until i hit a minimum order of 50 units which would have brought the cost to about 50 bucks each.  
Having said that, there were a few people that were game but not enough to bring the cost under 100 bucks a pop.  
Carl Z
10/5/2000 3:25 PM

The purpose here is a specific hi gain style amp, Ala Soldano, Mesa DC or peavey 5150. There are some techs that have posted the BBS that have a desire to build these hi gain clones at a much cheaper cost than the real thing. This new chassis request is for exactly that purpose. This IS ONLY for learning puposes only. We are just trying to create a better platform for each tech as finding a suitable chassis that is made to the specific need to help the tech have a more proffesional looking project. Thanks again for your input on the chassis. Maybe we can have a certain manufacturer make a few different style chaasis for other type of amp projects in the future as the requests grow for a certain type of chassis demand. I think the status of ampage is really growing and much more techs are now coming here for info and to help other up and coming techs learn about tube amps and to build and enjoy a amp made by there own hands. That is a good thing to do.  
Thanks and have a great day  
10/4/2000 9:40 PM

Creepy, I was considering mailing you later tonight to ask if you could have another chassis made up by the guy doing yours (since I knew you were gearing up to do an exact SLO clone). There's only one guy I could find to make a "pro" chassis (for an under a 100 unit production run), he wants a $100 setup charge in addition to the materials, then I'd have to go to another place and pay another setup charge for the silk screening. I'd definately be interested in one of these, possibly two (if cash allows) since I plan on doing at least 1 exact SLO replica in November/December. Thanks for putting this on the board, I hope to see it materialize!  
10/4/2000 11:29 PM

You know you can count me in on that one. An order for a chassis to go please :)
10/5/2000 12:25 AM

When you get a price est. I could confirm. But given the price I'd be up for a couple. Can't have enough projects laying around.
10/5/2000 3:58 AM
Jeff Stapleton

Thanks for the replies, gentlemen!  
The more interest, the more likely it will become a reality at a reasonable cost. I am hesitant at this point to let you all know who would be providing the chassis, at such an early stage.  
The drawings have been submitted, but I would probably want to have them looked at a few more times before becoming final.  
I will post the results in this thread when I hear what the decision will be and what the cost per piece will be.  
The more interest, the better!
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