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SLO-100 (or similar) Chassis Interest?

10/4/2000 7:12 PM
Jeff Stapleton
SLO-100 (or similar) Chassis Interest?
Hey guys,  
I'm in the process of trying to gauge if there is interest among you for a custom-made chassis which would be suitable for building an amp similar to the Soldano SLO-100, or other similar amp.  
To be more specific, the chassis would have the following features:  
- 16 gauge steel  
- 5 preamp holes  
- 2-4 power tube holes  
- 9 front panel holes for pots (including depth/resonance)  
- front panel holes for control switches such as bright/norm, clean/crunch and channel selection  
- power/standby switches  
- pilot light  
- rear panel holes for speakers, effects loop, impedance selector, footswitch, fuses, power cord  
- White powder coating  
- Silk screened lettering  
If this were available at a reasonable cost (to be determined), would anyone want one? I know I have seen people interested in building similar amp designs.  
I am in the process of working with someone who would fabricate, punch, coat and screen these. We are trying to gauge demand and could use your input. This chassis is ideal for building high-gain tube amp designs.  
If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.
10/4/2000 8:34 PM
Scott Swartz

I think there is merit in what you are trying to accomplish and I would like to offer the below for discussion by the group.  
Previously on the Ampage coop page was discussion of a lot purchase of a given chassis (I think a Marshall in that case) , and it appeared that not enough people were interested in one particular chassis IIRC.  
My response to that thread was to propose a Ampage Universal Amp Platform that would include the following concepts:  
1. Punched with knockouts for a lots of tubes (knock out the required holes only), and locate them to be workable for terminal strip (ala Matchless) or Fender eyelet board layout.  
2. Punched for pots, jacks on the front and back as you describe.  
3. No silk screen on chassis, maybe a separate faceplate (like on Fenders) each person can screen and/or drill to their wishes.  
3. Punched for a Universal PT with several HV taps, rectifier windings, and plenty of filament power (Trans could be part of package). OPT would be up to the user.  
4. Provide space for auxiliary filament transformers.  
5. Proposed dimensions 9 x 25 x 2.25  
6. Most importantly, since getting custom cabinets built is such a pain, offer a head cab as part of the package. Anyone who buys a chassis will need one, wonít they?  
The intent would be that all the basics are there to build any kind of amp, and no features that lock it into one use. There are probably other good concepts I havenít thought that would fit into this also. Perhaps a wider audience would be interested in something like this?
10/4/2000 8:41 PM

Jeff, If you get enough replies to bring the cost down I'm in,  
10/4/2000 9:57 PM
Joe L

I am certainly in for one or more Jeff. The problem as I see it is that all the chassis out there are for low gain, non-channel switching old Fenders. There is not a one available for those of us that want to do something with two channels. This will save a lot of old Fenders from being butchered!>  
I'll take one yesterday :)  
..Joe L
10/4/2000 10:07 PM
Don Symes

Nice work, Joe. details anywhere?
10/4/2000 10:19 PM
Joe L

Nay, the paint isn't even dry yet. I stuffed the board on Sunday and dropped it into the chassis on Monday.  
..Joe L
10/6/2000 5:30 AM
Steve A.

    Any more pictures of that project that you'd like to share? Looks great (for something originally from Fullerton...   ;)   )  
Steve Ahola
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