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Angela Super Single-Ended 6V6 Amp...My Maiden Voyage!

10/4/2000 1:40 PM
Angela Super Single-Ended 6V6 Amp...My Maiden Voyage!
I am thinking of making one of these project amps and I was wondering if anyone out there has done it already. I am in the market for a new lower-wattage gigging amp and thought that this sounded like the perfect amp for me. And it's not megabucks either. If you have made it, which transformer or other part values did you use? I've built some effects so far, but this will be my first amp. Anybody have a parts list for it or any words of wisdom? Thanks a lot. I can't wait to get started.
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10/4/2000 2:23 PM
Ian Anderson

I'm in the same position as you - made some effects boxes, but want to get into amps.  
I'm thinking of modding my RI Bluesbreaker to PTP on a turret board just as a toe in the water (I am well aware that there will be little change/improvement in tone by doing this).  
Might be nice for a modding platform though rather than risk screwing up the PCB.  
... Ian
10/4/2000 7:51 PM
Greg Carter

Not that there's anything wrong with Angela; I just went a different way. I went to the Fender Field Guide, pulled down the appropriate schematic and parts layout, and bought the chassis and lug board from (?). They sell a chassis with all the right holes punched in all the right places, and they include the lug board for about all the favorite amps, including the lower-power ones, like a Deluxe. I developed the parts list from the schematic, then ordered from He's spot-on for the right transformers (both power and output) and choke for the amp in question. You can get a case and speaker from just about everywhere (I made the case, bought a Kendrick speaker).  
You can't go wrong with Gerald Weber's Desktop Reference to Hip Vintage Guitar Amps (or something real close to that). Great book for walking you through Fender amps and what makes them tick.  
Good luck, and keep asking questions.
10/4/2000 8:25 PM
Don Symes

And there's also the AX84 projects.  
Notice nobody's saying anything _against_ Angela. Just want to be sure you've examined other good alternatives.
10/5/2000 3:31 AM

I'm (finally) building my first amp based partly on the Super Single-ended amp, although my preamp section differs a lot. (Have all the parts, ready to start assembly). If you are planning to use two 5Y3s watch the current draw on the transformer. It may not be a problem, but the specs for the two tubes call for more current than rated on many transformers. I'm using one 5Y3. - Dan
10/7/2000 3:18 PM

IMO there's no sense is wasting an extra 5Y3s in this amp.  
Just use a SPST switch in bypass and a SS full wave rectifier (with a min of 100uf caps on it) but in parallel with the single 5Y3.  
So you can bypass the single 5Y3 if you want.  
Let the 5Y3 run at the same time if you want.  
Most all the current will go around the 5Y3 through the SS diodes because the resistance is much less.  
You don't need two 5Y3s for a this amp anyhow and the 4amps at 5v is just more heating of the core for no good reason.  
10/6/2000 1:16 PM
Eric H

I rebuilt an old Gibson using values very close to Angela's (one 5Y3). It sounds phenomenal at low to mid volume, but get's pretty ragged when it's dimed.  
It is possible to gig with it, if you don't require clean head room --small blues-band with a drummer that understands dynamics. I should point out that I run it through a very efficient 15" Altec speaker (big alnico magnet, around 100 db at 1 watt/1 meter).  

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