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Re: weird reverb problem!

10/6/2000 10:33 PM
rich molinaro
Re: weird reverb problem!
I had the same problem in a rand new rivera chubster. found out there was some interaction between a voodoo labs power supply being plugged in an at the same time. ppower conditioner solved the problem. there is alot going on in the current from the wall that can get translated as noise in the amp.
10/7/2000 1:18 AM

Alright!!!problem solved.  
I swapped the three 20uf 500v caps in the power supply and the hum is all but gone.I guess it would be a good idea to change all the electrolitic caps to avoid any futur hassels.  
I would like to thank everyone who took the time to help me with this and maybe some day I'll be able to return the favor but for the time being I'm not quite handy enough at this to be dishing out advice to others but you can be sure that I shall call upon the helpfull and knowledgable people on this site not "if" but "when" I run into another wall.  
Thanks again,  
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