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Crate GT50 help!

9/26/2000 12:53 PM
Mike Burgundy
Crate GT50 help!
At the rehearsal center I occasionally work at, a Crate GT50 tube amp (EL84 poweramp) has broken down. Does anyone have a schematic on this thing? Thanks!
9/26/2000 1:38 PM

You can try contacting St. Louis Music they will probably have one !  
Good Luck !  
9/26/2000 2:49 PM

Mike ,  
you can contact the Dutch agent about this .  
I'll search for you at home !  
9/26/2000 3:44 PM
Mike Burgundy

Problem solved. I'd still like a schem though, one can never have enough in one's collection and the gain channel needs some heavy modding (well, to my ears anyway)

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