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Re: Blowing up DVOM

9/25/2000 3:18 AM
Re: Blowing up DVOM
Oops.. those Waveteks are rated at 750vdc!  
I saw has the 27XT and 28XT for under $100.00 right now.
9/26/2000 3:13 AM

Shit Bruce, you do this stuff too? I fried two venerable but functional Fluke bench multimeters (LED readouts, round can ICs) while attempting to measure the DC voltage on the plate of a SF Vibro Champ with signal on the tube - tiny arc both times. Dismissed the first time as a "fluke" (pun intended) but really felt stupid when I blew the second one.  
PS: Have service info for these if someone craves a challenge.
9/26/2000 5:52 AM

Gw: I posted a site that has many manels and schematics for all kinds of test equip. Might be good to save it to your favorites,this place has tons of links too. Think i posted it in the repair section.  
9/26/2000 12:42 PM

Thanks Richie,  
Got the manuals for the Flukes, just can't find the right approach to fixing them - if I remember, I'd need lab unit to troubleshoot.  
But, have been looking for an inexpensive chematic/service manual for a Wavetek Function Generator for a couple of years - will have to check you site for info.  
9/24/2000 1:06 PM

KG, The meter is rated for 1000v and no I did not use ammeter jacks I been using voms for years in the my job I just can't figure out why this has happened I used the last vom yesterday on a SFSR and no problems but then this other amp just kills the damn thing by the way the amp that killed the meters works just fine. There was just a small arc. THe amp runs about 459vdc. It doesn't bother my simpson 260-4 meter. Thank You DonJ
9/26/2000 3:17 AM
What Exactly is a DVOM ??
Just wanted to know
9/26/2000 3:52 AM

Digital Volt/Ohm Meter. Just another term for a multimeter. He was just trying to let you know it was not an analog model.  

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