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Re: Illegal AOL-ians?

9/26/2000 4:47 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Illegal AOL-ians?
Thanks for the info! As soon as I click on a link the time-out will cease, but once the warning has appeared, the next time-out will be 'fatal' so I gotta keep clickin'. It's not really so super bad, I just like to complain.  
9/26/2000 12:24 PM

Just hit "Preview Message" every couple of minutes. It will send your message through to the other side of the page, AOL will think you are doing something, and you can edit everything on the left side before you submit the completed message. If you need to check back with the post you are responding to, just click the "back arrow" button on the AOL toolbar, read, then click "forward button". It will take you back to your post-in-progress. Works for me!  

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