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Re: Grid stoppers at power tubes

9/22/2000 4:38 PM
Sven Wickström
Re: Grid stoppers at power tubes
"You might just have to go from zero to 100K in about half-dozen steps with accompanying changes to nearby components, keeping everything else constant and playing the same licks on both Les Paul & Strat in all pickup positions and various amp volume levels. The waveforms do change, but once you hear it you'll know what to do with it."
This is the funny part of the test, i have saved it for the weekend ;).  
9/22/2000 4:26 PM

Here's a similar idea that Mr. Randall Smith of Mesa patented a few years back. It can be seen in the Studio .22 to stop grid blocking in EL84's. I placed these in my mini Marshall and they cleaned up the blocking quite nicely. Check it out:
9/22/2000 7:42 PM
Randall Aiken
Yet another patent-weasel
Sheesh. Leave it up to Randall Smith to patent the obvious once again. Larger grid stoppers as a means of controlling blocking distortion was known well back in the "glory days" of vacuum tube audio, and the interstage attenuator is older than dirt. You'd think he'd at least realize the bias feed resistors can be used as the shunt leg of the attenuator.  
Smith has obviously been trolling for patents in Norman Crowhurst's papers again.  
Randall Aiken
9/22/2000 11:00 PM
I think it would be fun to see someone take one of these to court. I bet mister Smith wouldn't defend it.
9/25/2000 4:23 AM

I think it might be the other way around?  
If someone wants to commercially use this idea, and Smith decides to challenge it, doesn't he stand the risk of invalidating his patent due to prior art?  
It's about to expire in a few years anyway.  
9/25/2000 5:52 PM
J Epstein
"Fun" and "court" in the same sentence?  
Not me.  
9/23/2000 7:01 PM
Steve A.
Re: Grid stoppers at power tubes
    So did you use the same values/components as in the Studio .22, or something else? I need to take a look at that one...  
Steve Ahola

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