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reissue deluxe reverbs

9/17/2000 4:43 AM
reissue deluxe reverbs
Has anyone here had a chance to try out the re-issue fender deluxe reverbs. How do they sound, how do they hold up to wear tear and abuse? I've played through the RI twins and they sound like arse. I've also heard nightmarish reliability stories about the twin reverbs. Do the deluxes fall in the same category?  
9/17/2000 1:55 PM
Erik E

I haven't tried one but after reading numerous threads on the subject the trends are as follows:People who have played original DR's usually don't like the DRRI's.People who have never heard a DR like the DRRI's,that is untill they have a chance to copmpare,then they usually bail out on thr DRRI.But there are those who love their DRRI and swear by them
9/17/2000 11:32 PM
Bob P

I have one (took it in trade) and although it sounds pretty good they don't sound great compared to an original BF amp. On the subject of wear and tear, the output tubes have been replaced twice, the rectifier once, had to resolder the circuit board twice and I just recently fried the speaker...all within one year. I am not a superloud, heavy player, and don't put the amp on stun. I just don't think the amp holds up well at all.  
I have heard similar stories about the amps. If your budget allows, go get the real thing. You will be a much more satisfied customer in the long haul.  
Bob P
9/18/2000 1:22 AM

Thanks for the help. I was considering purchasing one. I thought it may have prospect after new tubes and dumping that emenince. I think I'll probably pass.  
Geez, wish I had picked up that 66 deluxe (sans reverb) for $275 when I had the chance
9/18/2000 3:57 AM
Erik E

I just picked up a '65 Deluxe(non rev)for $400.That's not quite the deal you mentioned but still about $1000 less than what i've seen DR's advertised at lately.It has one black glass and one clear glass RCA 6v6's and after i put in a Weber bluedog this thing screams quite nicely.
9/19/2000 11:54 PM

i tryed the 65 reissue delux rev, i liked the jass sound it produced, it didnt really have the guts that the originals had but it seemed like a good product to me. in mars music in cherry hill nj, i listened to a guy playing a mexican tele through a reissue twin, really sounded good, probably the best telecaster tone i have ever heard.
9/20/2000 3:05 AM

I've heard some DRRI that sounded pretty good, especially once opened up in a small nightclub setting.  
They are PC board based, maybe not the most durable type, but overall not a bad deal for the money.  
They are relativly tweakable, though not as easy due to the PC board construction.  
if I saw one I liked at a good price, I might buy it. I like the blonde tolex version of the DRRI a lot from looks perspective.  
I think people worry way too much about all this stuff.

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