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dynacord emiment 2

9/14/2000 10:07 AM
Ivan dynacord emiment 2
Does anyone have any information on dynacord emiment 2 tube amp, or maybe schematics.  
Thanks very much,  
9/15/2000 8:51 AM

Hello Ivan.  
I have one of those amps. (If it is the one with plastic cage and plexi front?) But it's not all tubed. It's only the power amp that have tubes. Two EL34:s as outputs.  
The mixer section is transistorised, unfortunately!  
I don't have a shematic on it, but I have shematics for the previus models, Eminent and Eminent1. They are both all-tube amps.  
9/15/2000 9:08 AM
Thanks Edgar,  
A fellow just offered me one with very resonable price so i just wanted to know is it worth of buing. Maybe I just buy it and make a tube preamp to it...  
Does it sound good to you?  
9/15/2000 9:27 AM

This amp is a microphone mixer amp, with different ouputs for both low impedance speakers and line speakers, 50 and/or 100 V. It's not a guitar amp.  
But if You're building or rebuilding amps, You shure can use the transformers!  
I haven't really tested it so I can tell how it sounds. But I think the Dynacords in general, are quite well built. German quality, I guess!  
They had a lot of different amps and speakers in the old days (50's-60's), also some instrument amps, I think, and some tape echoes.  
9/19/2000 7:11 AM
Thanks for information,  
ANd If I could ask one more q:  
What is that 50/100v speaker output?  
9/19/2000 9:11 PM

Hello Ivan.  
I'm not shure I can explain that correctly in English, and I'm not an expert, but I'll try.  
It's outputs for higher impedances, wich means higher voltages, than for ordinary speakers. Very common for installations in, for example, industries, shopping centras etc., with many small speakers connected together. Usually (always?) there are small transformers at every speaker to reduce the impedance/voltage.  
It means that You can use thin wires because there will be lower currents (Ampéres) than with ordinary speakers.  
I hope You understand!  
I had a look at my Eminence II last weekend, and it has several outputs for 4, 8 and 16 Ohms.  
There is a ECC81/12AT7 driving the two EL34's. The rest is solid state.  
Maybe I can get a shematic on it in the near future.  
9/20/2000 8:02 AM
Hello and thanks,  
I understood and I got schematics from dynacord dealer, so now I can see what´s that dynacord all about...  

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