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Re: matchless letter from mark sampson

9/5/2000 11:13 PM
Carl Z
Re: matchless letter from mark sampson
I don't know if this is necessarily an American pride thing. I'm just saying that people shouldn't fire off the knee jerk reaction of let the gov't save me. That isn't the answer. I'm saying that there's a larger dynamic at work than what Mitch was suggesting. As a matter of fact it's equally as valid for Canada as the United States. The thing is that in this world there's no easy answers to the problems of taxes, big gov't, and their relationship to businesses. You can't have low taxes and big gov't.  
For the record Canada is a mighty nice country and I could easily live there as well as here.  
Carl Z  
P.S. In Canada, no parking really really means no parking!
9/6/2000 12:37 AM
john hermsen

I am a dutch, read european guy, just bought speedracer's plexi opt. It cost me a lot off money. not because it was over priced, but the euro is low right now.  
When you have a music store here, most of the pruducts come from the vs, dollar goes up, I have to pay more for strings. So,..  
There should be one open market to get the fair deal.  
The opt to get here cost me $200,-.  
9/6/2000 1:01 AM

Aaron - This is way off topic, but I had to bite. Canada does indeed have a high standard of living does not mind cold weather and/or the Canadian government's increasingly repressive encroachments upon freedom of public speech, something near and dear to most Americans not living the the White House or teaching at a major university :). Don't take that personally, it's just an observation. Can't think of any other country I'd rather share a border with than Canada. Heck, I grew up in Wisconsin, so that makes me almost Canadian :).  
9/6/2000 2:58 AM
Graydon Stuckey

"I don't want to step into the American pride thing that seems to be starting here... but these days Canada enjoys the highest standard of living. "
I also don't want to start a flame war, but I grew up in Canada, and have lived in the States for the last 12 years. There's no comparison. By time you pay your taxes in Canada, you have no money left to buy any standard of living. My income tax is roughly a fifth of what my father pays in Canada and my sales tax is about half. And my healthcare expenses are a pittence compared to what my Dad pays in tax dollars, so that doesn't fly either.  
The general level of civilization is the same in Canada as it is in the USA, but it costs more there.  
Enough of my republican rant. :-)  
Graydon D. Stuckey
9/6/2000 8:42 PM
t c

well, one thing I've noticed is the homeless are a lot more polite up there.  
there are these weird taxes on everything you buy. GST, PDQ, I dunno........ They have the queen's picture on the money so maybe they're collecting for her.
9/6/2000 7:05 PM
Dave Charneski
Canada's standard of living higher than US?
I tend to agree with Graydon's comments on the standard of living in Canada. I grew up in the Detroit area and have lived in Rochester, NY for the past 18 years. As a result I have spent a lot of time and money in Canada. I also have relatives who live there now, as well as some who used to live there. Based on that experience, it's my opinion (and theirs) that the standard of living is still quite a bit higher here in the US. Of course, it depends on how you define "standard of living", but if you define it as "the availability of and the ability to purchase housing, goods and services", there's no comparison. Canadian taxes are much higher and their currency is fairly weak, such that anything purchased, even *inside* the country, respresents a far greater percentage of the average income than in the US.  
As an example, I'm talking to a wonderful chap from Toronta now who's interested in hearing and possibily purchasing one of my amps. I asked him why he didn't go for the one week trial period many dealers offer on this particular amp. He told me that not only do no dealers in Canada carry it, but that to ship it into Canada for a trial would cost him a significant portion of the purchase price due to Canada's outrageous customs tax and the exchange rate, thus making it totally unfeasible. So, the only way he was gonna' be able to audition this amp, let alone purchase it, was by leaving the country.  
As another example, any American "border dweller" knows that, when traveling through or visiting Canada, you always try to avoid purchasing gasoline there, because even with the favorable exchange rate, it's far more expensive than gas purchased in the US.  
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Canada's a beautiful country with beautiful people, but it has a government which is still too intrusive and controlling for my tastes.  
9/7/2000 2:33 AM

Hi Guys figured I'd chime in from north of the border. $1.51 for $1.00 US dollar 50% tax on income over $60,000.00 7% gst tax (Fedral) payed by the end consume. 8% sales tax in Ontario. Gas is .72 ltr. $3.28 imperial gallon. You tell me who's getting the shaft!!!. Nice country, good fishing!!  
Oh yeah Tax laws havn't been re writen since 1926.  
The main problem is the exchange rate, its just killing us to import any kind of product from the US.  
Here's an example DRZ Route 66 amp is $2350.00 CDN and there's only one place in Toronto carring them.  
While I do import some of my amp parts from the US every time I go to the bank I shudder when i ask what the exchange is. 2 Weeks ago it fluxuated between $1.49- $1.54 for 1 US dollar.  
Rob Fowler  
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