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matchless letter from mark sampson

8/31/2000 1:07 PM
matchless letter from mark sampson  
maybe this letter sheds a little light on why the matchless flame went out, the story has never been explaind really well to me, well here's the story from the man!
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9/4/2000 2:42 PM
Randy Jamz

Wow. An eerily similar story related to me by old man Garnet. Garnet made the Gibson amplifiers during the 1970s and when a big multi-million dollar order 'fell through' (the new owners of Gibson decided no more amplifiers for them!) the cause and effect chain reaction made Garnet close shop. Let this be a lesson to us all; don't bank on one big order to make or break you. It'll probably break you in the end.
9/5/2000 12:51 PM
andy fuchs

A similar frightening experience happened to me. I was manufacturing tube hi-end audio equipment, and went to a CES (The NAMM of the Audio business). I wrote a boatload of orders for overseas shipment, and the exhange rate changed so extreme that it would have practically cost more to make the products than sell them. I closed up shop as a result. af
9/5/2000 5:53 PM

Its a shame when we as Americans try to build our dream of owning a company and working very hard to make this dream a reality only to have an overseas order fall through and cause a company to shut down. It seems our goverment is always willing to help these other countries and never seem to get the money back later after these countries stabilize their economy but right here in America we suffer because we cannot depend on our own goverment to help in assistance to keep our small business from going under when they do look after the (BIG CORPORATE COMPANIES) with the BIG tax breaks. It seems that there is no fairness to this madness in America. I am not trying to start flame wars because I do very much love my country, but is seems that the small business owners do need help some times and our goverment should pitch in a little in needed times to keep our dream alive. Can I get an AMEN.  
Brother Mitch...
9/5/2000 6:10 PM

I second that call for salvation Mitch, Amen from me :)  
On the Ship Channel I do better when exports are in style than imports, I just wish the styles wouldn't change as easily as they do . . .  
9/5/2000 6:36 PM
Carl Z

You won't get an amen from me...sorry. The reality of the situation is that the Matchless company screwed up bad. Never EVER make that large a commitment to one buyer. The global economy is too volatile to do this. As for the corporate bad guys they don't get all that many tax breaks. They're paying something in the neighborhood of 40% of their income to uncle sam. That's a big chunk of change. You also need to remember that these evil corporations are employing a massive percentage of the population. Think what would happen if say Phillip Morris closed their doors due to the anti-smoking push. They would put several hundred thousand people out of work directly. The tobacco farmers would be going broke. The shipping companies would lose millions of dollars. Then figure in the physical paper consumed, the advertising dollars, the secondary goods consumed by the company to actually manufacture the cigarettes, etc. In total I suspect it'd cost the nation a good hundred billion dollars in GNP from that company alone. Now add in the loss of income that would slow housing starts, durable goods and general spending reductions by all the people that are out of work or have substantially reduced wages. It would drive us into a massive depression the likes of which we've never seen. That's just one company! The big coprorations are NOT the bad guy. They're the ones driving this economy and allowing a standard of living that is unprecedented in the world.  
Next thing is that the United States is based on capatalism not socialism. The US tax structure is set up to motivate small business and entrepreneurs. The write offs the small businesman can get are staggering! Also the job of the government isn't bailing out inept businesses with unsound plans. The reason people go into business for themselves is to get out from under the government thumb and the mid-management boss that's on an ego trip. If you can't hold your own and run with the big dogs you're going to get left behind and eaten up by the people that can. It's that simple.  
Ok, that's my republican speech for the day. :D  
Carl Z
9/5/2000 10:42 PM
Aaron V.

"a standard of living that is unprecedented in the world.  
I don't want to step into the American pride thing that seems to be starting here... but these days Canada enjoys the highest standard of living.  

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