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Re: Cheap Tube Amp Alert $199.99

8/24/2000 7:10 PM
Steve M.
Re: Cheap Tube Amp Alert $199.99
The 50h and 100h are close, but not exact. There are slight differences in the tone stack.  
I had a 50H and it was a small-box head, cute as hell. I got it from Pat Bunn at STF Electronics when they first came out about 4 or 5 years ago. The first one he sent me didn't sound good, no real preamp gain to speak of, the second one was better, but I ended up selling it. I had played a 100H earlier and was really blown away by how good the preamp distortion sounded.  
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8/24/2000 7:26 PM
Steve: those early ones had the presence spelled wrong on them..and different switches..  

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